Swag Styling Profiling and the sensation of SWAGGA ambiance as we introduce to you all our newest mollbabe South African born but is now making Australia her home….. as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Lizandi Blignault.


In a nutshell tell us a bit more about yourself and where you reside from plus what makes you being whom you are today as a person and also model ?

  • I was born in South Africa but I live in Australia now. I’m a firm believer of being happy…happiness and positive vibes are what I thrive on. I’ve been doing modeling since the age of 3.

“I have only been doing photographic modeling for about 6 years now. I gave up the pageants as I was always told that I’m too short.”

Define your UNIQUE SWAG look to us in modeling in 5 words what would that be ?

  • Being Myself,The Happiness inside me that glow’s positivity plus the passion which drives me for what I love to do #modeling.
Photography by : Eben.B Photography

How did you feel when our CEO Arne Schreuder contacted you to be one of our international MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY features for July 2018 issue edition ?

  • I have always been a fan of MOLLMAGSA and I was so stoked (Aussie slang for excited) and felt honored to be featured.

In your own words explain to us what would be a perfect date night for you and your loving soul mate?

  • Hmmm…date night,I guess this may come as a shock to many but I’m super happy when I can eat.I love good food and trying new things so definitely a dinner date and obviously lots of wine.
Photography by : Eben.B Photography

Everyone of us has that secret so called celeb crush may it be a sport star or movie star, whom is yours and why ?

  • So…there’s this guy known as GTrain……… He is an Australian Pro Muscle model originally from the UK. I don’t even have to say why I crush on him…just go have a look for yourself wink wink.

For you what does it mean to be Proudly South African even though you are living now in Australia………. ?

  • For me I will always remember South Africa as such a beautiful country filled with culture, good food and spectacular scenery.

“Being proudly South African is about embracing and appreciating the things that make South Africa great.”

Favorite Music , Favorite Food Snack , Favorite Movie and what is the one thing in your handbag you cant go without ?

  • Music flows through my veins. I can’t imagine my life without music. I’m open minded with music and listen to pretty much anything. I am a sucker for a good beat especially while I’m training because it gets the adrenaline flowing.

I definitely have a sweet tooth so chocolate is welcome any day, anytime. I’m not a movie sort of girl, always find myself falling asleep half way through the introduction,but I do watch a lot of Crime Scene Investigation series’s and I do like a good stand up comedy show.

The one thing in my handbag that I can’t go without…I would have to say is my lip balm. I have to have lip balm with me always.