MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT , ” Some Missions are not a choice but a chosen destiny “

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As we gear up to bring you our movie fans a inside look into the latest and newest release of the ” Mission Impossible franchise aka known as Mission Impossible – Fallout, as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder takes a closer look into all the non stop thrilling stunts, insane daring and clever writing behind this fascinating STORY LINE  full of action ……

make this a stunning piece of action IMAX and 3D cinema box office golden piece this season that TOM CRUISE and the MI crew dished up for its fans and followers…….

So far MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALL OUT TOPS THE CHARTS IN THE MOVIE BOX OFFICE WORLDWIDE as the estimated gross profit puts numbers near over $ 61 million  so far and counting plus it grabbed the top spot in over 4000 cinemas and theaters across the USA and also the top number one ranked movie to watch locally in SOUTH AFRICA as well.

Credit to : www.imdb.com

Its safe to say the ” MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ” FRANCHISE is here to stay for a very long time and for the future ahead looks bright –  as actor TOM CRUISE recently stated ” that he doesn’t think his Mission: Impossible character Ethan Hunt will ever die – even though filming the movie takes lots of risks in the amazing stunts thats being done across all the scenes thats shot in the new MI – FALLOUT edition “

In this new Mission Impossible Fallout,agent Ethan Hunt and the crew is back to find themselves this time in the race against time to complete a mission around parts of EUROPE crossing from Berlin Germany , Paris France , London England and also Rome Italy as well as Mecca , Jerusalem and Saudi Arabia  that went wrong aka in that said to ” re write the wrongs to rights ” as the remains of the syndicate group of SOLOMON LANE resurfaces as the terrorist group called “The Apostles” create havoc with plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attacks with illegal arms deals.

“And once again it falls to the feet of Ethan Hunt and the IMF to put a stop to this all and assure safety for all.”

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  • Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, an IMF agent who is on the run with his team
  • Henry Cavill as August Walker, a CIA assassin working for the Special Activities Division tasked with monitoring Ethan and his team
  • Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell, an IMF agent and a member of Hunt’s team
  • Simon Pegg as Benjamin “Benji” Dunn, an IMF technical field agent and a member of Hunt’s team
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust, a former MI6 agent who joined Hunt’s team during Rogue Nation
  • Sean Harris as Solomon Lane, an anarchist mastermind who was the leader of the Syndicate during Rogue Nation
  • Angela Bassett as Erica Sloane, the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency replacing Hunley, and Walker’s superior
  • Michelle Monaghan as Julia Meade, Ethan’s ex-wife
  • Alec Baldwin as Alan Hunley, a former CIA Director who later became the new IMF Secretary at the end of Rogue Nation
  • Vanessa Kirby as White Widow, a black market arms dealer, and the daughter of Max




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Article and Movie review written by : Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO