Time to take a beauty beach time time out today and lace up our Swimwear STYLES and lets get ourselves beach body ready with these glam swimwear Beach styles editorial today with Ulyly Swimwear and MOLLBABE models Olga and Kseniya as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with the Ravishing ladies today , to find out more……


1. Kseniya and Olga please tell us where and when did your modeling career start for you both ?

  • Kseniya – My modeling career started in Russia, after «Miss Russia» beauty contest in 2011 which I entered and , where I was chosen as a finalist.
  • Olga – From a very young age I have always fantasized about becoming a model. In Ukraine I didn’t have the opportunity to model and It wasn’t until I moved to California that I started. My mom took some photos of me in our backyard and submitted me to agencies in SAN FRANSISCO. To my surprise, I got a call back and was signed.

2. Ladies tell us what’s the best for you about modeling why do you love it so much?

  • OLGA – Most of all I love meeting and working with talented photographers, make up artists and stylists.It always amazes me the quality of work that comes out from a talented and driven group of individuals.

“Also, seeing your photos on websites and in magazines always feels great and motivating.”

  • KSENIYA – I love to meet new people in fashion industry. “And yes, beautiful photos as a result!”

3. What would you both say is your best assets or features of your body the photographers love to photograph of you both in the modeling industry?

  • KSENIYA – My hourglass figure and my eyes.
  • OLGA – For me, it has always been my mole on my cheek. A lot of the time photographers tell me that they chose me for a certain shoot because of my birth mark.

“Also, as an ex- rhythmic gymnast and ballet dancer, my flexibility always comes in handy for photo shoots.”

4. Your favorite hobbies you have when you get a time off to relax from a hard day in front of the camera ?

  • OLGA – Catching up on one of the many tv shows I love to watch or learning some new dance moves. Dance has always been a big part of my life growing up and it still is.
  • KSENIYA – Traveling and Dancing.

5. Other than modeling what do you do as a profession?

  • KSENIYA – I hold a master degree in Math and Computer Security and have my own business.
  • OLGA – I am currently in college, majoring in business/marketing. Also working at a tech company in San Fransisco.

6. Define in your own words what does the WORLD’S BEAUTY we live in these days mean to you as a human-being?

  • OLGA – I think there is no single definition for what the world’s beauty is. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. In my opinion, what makes someone truly beautiful is happiness and positivity.
  • KSENIYA – Kindness is the Key that  unlocks the true beauty of one’s heart.

7. If you both get a chance to change the world to be a better place for the future, what would you both do to make it better for the future?

  • KSENIYA – Save the Nature and oceans from pollution.
  • OLGA – There are so many things that could be done to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Climate change, poverty, and inequality are just a few of the problems in today’s world. To me not having equality and understanding among all races, genders and opinions is the biggest problem of all.

“I strongly believe that every person has the right to make their own decisions, no matter what that decision entails.”

8. What’s your favorite swim wear outfit you modeled in today for ULYLY Swimwear?

  • OLGA – All of them especially the red one I love the red one.
  • KSENIYA – Aaaah I love the Pink Bikini.





SWIMWEAR SPONSOR AND WARDROBE ATTIRE by Designer Ulyana Zilbermints at



PHOTOGRAPHY Credit to Andrew DeLozier at


Makeup and Hair styling done by Ashlee Clark at

As well as a SPECIAL SHOUTOUT THANKS to Danny Bean from Rainbowashbeard