Today we take Body Paint Art to the next level of creativity as we introduce our ” Artistic Pirate’s soul lost at Sea Series with BodyPaintza , MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Simone Shannon Smith, Sydglam Makeup Studio and Kim van Zyl Photography as they get interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder


1. Back again for yet another fantastic look and feature for us Simone how does it make you feel ?

  • Oooh wow I am super excited to be back yet again and this time its something very creative and artistic I can share with everyone and that also a huge boost for my portfolio as well aka ” Artistic Pirate Lost at Sea Series ” Body Paint Editorial.

2. How did this feature and planning go to get this creative flow going and also as this editorial is a one of a kind Body Paint Editorial ?

  • It all started back in end of June beginning July as me and Arne chatted and decided we truly want to up the Ante a bid and showcase a true creative side of myself……. something really different which will blow the fans minds with beauty art and creativity in a sea shell so to speak.
Photo Credit : Kim van Zyl @

I then asked my close friend and artist Moses Scott Claude Kasongo to help us out with body painting from BodyPaintza and then also he and Arne pitched in together to sponsor me the goodies that was needed to do the shoot body paint , glitter ect. , then their is also the amazing MAKE UP ARTIST and friend Peggy Tambwe from Sydglam Makeup Studio that made her magic glow and touch happen on set thank you so much and the amazing photographer from Cape Town Kim van Zyl truly a master at work in his own right thank you so so much.

“Just Really want to give a huge shout out and big thanks to Arne Schreuder and Moses Scott Claude Kasongo for both sponsoring me the money to buy the amazing glitter and paint for this shoot you both are true legends.”

3. What was the one moment in the shoot that you will treasure and cherish for a long time to come ?

  • Seeing how Peggy and Moses truly transformed me into this amazing and glorious look of a ARTISTIC PIRATE AT SEA it truly gave me goosebumps of happiness as we also showed the transformation on the phone via pics and small video clips to Arne and he also was ecstatic to see how everything comes together in a true beauty creative art form, plus Kim van Zyl’s artistic eye of photography detail as well.


“Then the other thing I will always cherish is the true teamwork spirit we all have when we did the planning of the shoot and the step up to the big day of the shoot with me,Peggy,Moses,Arne and Kim on the day.”

Photo Credit : Kim van Zyl @

4. Simone tell us in doing this shoot what have you learned in a big way ?

“I have learned that creativity has no boundaries, if you can dream it you can do it, with a splash of creative minds together and artistic talent anything is possible” 

And I am so proud to be a part of this.

5. Where to from here whats next Simone ?

“The Sky has a endless limit so Im gonna keep reaching for those #StarMoments for sure”


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MUA BY : Sydglam Makeup Studio



Also special word of thanks goes out to the team at Dream SQNS body glitter company

PLUS Video editing credits and a BIG SHOUTOUT thank you to Vvisual Feels


Article written / interview and edits done by Arne Schreuder / ARNEMOLLMAGSACEO