Today the 9th of AUGUST is yet another historical day as today marks the day in South Africa’s history were we as South Africans celebrate the embrace of the Mzanzi true South African woman in who she is and what she stands for in our country…..

As today and every day we want to say thank you to all women of race color and culture background whom touch our lives in a very unique way everyday in what they do for our country SOUTH AFRICA…….. to all of you….

We want to say #ThankYou #Dankie #Ngiyathokoza #Enkosi #Ngiyabonga #Ke A Leboga #Ke A Leboha #Ndi A Livhuha #Ndza Khensa and #SouthAfricanSignlanguage 



To follow are some of our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE MODELS that is sharing a inspiring quote to what national women’s day mean to each of them today


1. SIMONE SHANNON SMITH “Be free to be you”


2. CARLA VAN RENSBURG “Make the moment yours to shine and sparkle”

3. CEE BAILEY “Make every second count in life”


5. VIANDA VAN DEVENTER “Embrace the beauty the power and the grace in whom you are as a woman”

6. SIMONE DE JAGER “If life knocks you down get back up and show them what you got”

7. VICKY RAMSINGH “Do what makes you and only you happy as a woman”

8. CARMEN JANTJIES “Be strong in what you believe in.”

9. ILZE FOURIE “Stay true to whom you are to inspire others”

10. DANICA VAN DEN HEEDE “Live your life one step at a time and make those steps count in more ways than just one”

“Remember to always respect a woman for who she is and for what she stands for in life happy WOMEN’S DAY TO ALL”