Today’s Sassy HomeGrown beauty MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA’S newest MOLLBABE Babe of the Day as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews SUNÈ STRYDOM along with Fiona Foto


1. Tell us a bit more in a small nutshell who u are and what u stand for in your beliefs as a person and model Sune ?

  • Demon to some, angel to others… I’m just an ordinary girl with outrageous potential to make great things happen. Some see me as a breath of fresh air while I see myself as someone who just strives to live a full, happy life.

“I strongly believe in the power of positivity and I feel it’s important to be the light in the lives of my loved ones.”

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2. What is the passion and drive for you that all started modeling for you?

  • For me it started as a way to preserve my beauty and youth through creating powerful artistic images. I used modeling as a cathartic release, expressing my emotions and who I am as a person. Once I began to discover my own potential to influence others in a positive way it became something I just absolutely fell in love with.

“It’s been the source of my confidence and happiness.”

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3. Give us three positive outlooks for you in modeling today ?

A) I see modeling as a beautiful way for women to influence each other, building each other up instead of breaking each other down.

B) Modeling for me is a way to boost self-confidence and urge others to be confident within themselves.

C) It’s a form of art in my eyes, it’s how I express the different parts of my personality and my journey in a creative manner.

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4. Congrats on being our #mollbabe feature for the day how does it make you feel Sune ?

  • Honestly, I am absolutely delighted to be featured in the 2018 August issue. I feel accomplished and blessed with this wonderful opportunity. It’s been a goal and dream for me to be featured and I cannot thank you enough!
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5. Any other hobbies you have to break away from modeling to relax a bit with friends or family ?

  • Over time I’ve become a very private person, my alone time is extremely important to me to recharge my energy levels. In this time I pay attention to my studies, working on completing my marketing degree. I am also a strong believer of self-loving and self-healing through meditation.

“But when I don’t want to be alone I prefer to keep it low key, surrounding myself with my family, my friends and their children, or my boyfriend and our dog Loki.”

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6. As August month in South Africa stands for Women’s month …. For you what does it mean to be a proud South African woman in this country of ours ?

  • For me it means being a strong, confident person who always tries to do the right thing. Someone who is honest and able to build other women up instead of breaking them down due to their own insecurities. A one love kind of mentality. Being able to see the beauty in yourself as well as acknowledge the beauty in others is what makes women beautiful to me, a pretty face is just a major bonus.

“Women have so much more potential working together rather than against each other, and I am often reminded of that in this industry.”

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7. Working together with photography talent photographer Fiona Foto what is it about her work that’s so captivating and mesmerizing to you as a model ?

  • Her confidence and passion is extremely admirable and very much present in her work. There is just something so magical about the images she produces. I especially love how she pushes the limits, her artistic nude photography is to die for and I certainly look up to her a lot.

“But most of all she just has this love and light radiating from within her… and I see it in her work as well and I love that!”

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8. Your modeling quote for today you that live by ?

  • ” I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all.” this is a quote by Coco Chanel which often reminds me that I am not competing with anyone else other than the person I used to be.

There is plenty to go around and therefore I have no reason to be jealous of anyone, and there sure as hell isn’t any reason to be jealous of me. I believe in sharing my success and the success of others.

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Article edits and interview by : Arne Schreuder MOLLMAGSACEO / Arne Schreuder