Remember the Garden of Eden with its Beauty and Temptations well today is the day we put a classic modern Bohemian spin on things as our MOLLBABE Corli Carratu together with LuciaB Photography showcase their own version of a Garden filled with Beauty and Temptations as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder sat down to interview them both today….


1. Welcome back Corli Carratu tell us in a small nutshell how does it feel to be featured again as a mollbabe and this time as part of our special SEPTEMBER HERITAGE MONTH SPECIAL EDITION how does it make you feel ?

  • Absolutely fantastic to be back with some awesome photo’s to be featured for this month’s magazine as a #Mollbabe for the September Edition.

2. Corli  and Lucia  what is it that makes Heritage month so special for you both being South African ?

CORLI – Well the name says it all ” HERITAGE MONTH ”   it’s all the different cultures, that comes together in SOUTH AFRICA to celebrate heritage month in different ways of celebration in it’s own unique culture and way….. thats what makes us unique as SOUTH AFRICANS from the rest of the world.

LUCIA – Africa is in my blood. The landscape, the beautiful sunsets, and that never-give-up-fighting spirit in its people. I think it is something that will never change.

3. Corli what is it about modeling that you love so much …… give us 3 positives and 3 negatives ?

  • Positives : All photo’s are unique. I love the beautiful art of photography I love to “brag” a bit  about what I do, as I always do my best.
  • Negativities : I dislike  haters very much, jealous people, and people that absolutely don’t give you chance to proof yourself.

4. Corli as we all know modeling is a really tough environment to be in sometimes as models get criticized a lot may it be through agencies or that so called wannabe fans and supporters , tell us how do you as a mom and model handle those moments of criticism ?

“I really love criticism, sometimes it just give me some #MePower to even perform better to proof to those haters, what I am actually capable of doing.”

5. Back to you Lucia, as this is your very first feature with us ….. what is it about our magazine that grabbed your attention from the very first moment ?

“When I first saw the magazine I was so impressed by the celebration of women. I think every woman is beautiful and when she embraces her own beauty..her sexiness sensual style….. that is when she becomes empowered and become her own warrior.”

I loved this shoot. Corli took to the earthy sexiness like a flame. And not even the icy water… according to her that is….. freezing cold at the time could stop her from flirting with the camera. Seeing her become comfortable with me and my camera is always a rewarding experience. Plus this was a amazing theme and photo shoot idea CORLI AND ARNE came to me with and we truly made it glow in a unique way …… loved it.

6. Lucia what is the genres you focus on the most and is the most enjoyable to work on and do as a photographer ?

  • I focus on Glamor. Did my first Boudoir shoot 11 years ago… before it was a buzz word… as I called it “Natural Woman,” because I believe acceptance and the subsequent love of one self is what empowers a woman today… and that is my passion.

“The reward of “I am falling in love with myself…” from a client… or model is the greatest reward ever.

7. Corli and Lucia  please tell us in this featured shoot you did for us what was the one moment you will always remember and take away from this shoot that happened behind the scenes ?

CORLI – Definitely the river stream, OOOOH my word, that was freezing the water, even though some really nice photo’s came from that specific location, and Lucia just made it so easy as I was very comfortable.

LUCIA – Must be the water photos IN THE RIVER STREAM FOR SURE. Corli claimed to have been freezing… but I was there and felt nothing… ok I wasn’t in the water but yes you all know what I mean wink wink . Oh and every time she had to run and hide when we heard somebody around the corner coming to see what we were up to lol that was fun real fun because some of the photos we took at specific locations were semi nude artistic. ARNE AND CORLI’S Idea of this Bohemian Boudoir with a flirty and sexy edge truly rocked as I could see how amazingly it all blend together in front of my camera lens. As it is a true joy to capture these moments it truly makes me very proud.

8. Corli and Lucia share with us a hidden secret today that no one knows about you ?

LUCIA – I am a do unto others type of person. After cancer and a double mastectomy my self image dropped to zero. But I fought that hard to overcome and now if anybody attacks a woman’s journey to self acceptance and self love I become a #SheBear! As I will always stand up for women and their rights and equality.

CORLI – I am a bit OCD, so please do not put your dirty coffee spoon in my sugar pot – you will upset me right away.






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