Today we search for that ultimate summer vibe SUN SURF SEA and ISLAND STYLE Beauty in Punta Cana Paradise with Swimwear Queen and newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY Khloe Terae together with Mark Wong Photography in this month’s Swimwear Special Edition , as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with this supreme Paradise Beauty duo 


WELCOME Khloe and Mark

1. Good Day Khloe and welcome to the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and MOLLMAG USA MOLLMAGFAMILY , for those who do not know you by now tell them a little bit about yourself ?

  • Well thank you so much for the introduction, first of all I am honored to be part of the MOLLMAGFAMILY and be part of the SPECIAL EDITION FOR SEPTEMBER 2018 edition for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA…..
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I am so glad to finally also feature in such a amazing online magazine which this publication and staff is truly professional and the material featured by photographers and articles are all top quality…..

In a nutshell I am a very successful professional model , blond and beautiful yes thats a fact but also a very smart business woman as well. Reside from Toronto Canada but I tour the whole world around………. as people call it aka JET SETTER I am as its always for photo shoots and work busy busy bee I am….. My heritage is also a bit of Italian decent because of my family ……. I started modeling at a very young age as it was my dream just to be like my mom which was a model for Versace back in the golden days.

“As they all say Quality over Quantity TRUMPS ALL”

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2. As we all know famous big name models like yourself are most of the time in big demand and always in the public eye , how do you keep level headed and your feet on the ground when times get uncomfortable in tabloids and the public eye plus all the gossip stories that boils to the surfaces at times ?

  • Let me say this always remember from where you come from to where you are now , always stay true to your roots and always be thankful to everyone that helped you succeed in your career as a model and business woman.

“Never ever forget those who truly love you and want to help you for whom you are. Stay true to yourself don’t let anyone or anything get you down work hard and always believe in the dream you follow.”

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3. We also hear along the grapevine you are also a spokes model brand ambassador for swimwear brands internationally tell us a bit more of that ?

  • Yes that is true ….. I love my SWIM WEAR BRANDS which I feel very sexy and comfortable in been modeling for swimwear brands like VEVE , RAVISH SANDS and many more just to name a few as I trust and believe in them….. and in this industry these days trust and that someone and someones brand and origination trust in you and believe in you that is a thing I keep close to my heart , and thats the type of people I love to work together with.

4. Time to brag a bit and tell us which publications together with todays published feature were you published in thus far ?

List is a long one but here goes nothing ……keeping it short and sweet….

  • PLAYBOY PLAYMATE MODEL for about almost every country world wide 15x Playboy Magazine Cover Model , 14x Playboy Playmate Titles , 12x International Centerfold Model
  • MAXIM international published model worldwide
  • Sports Illustrated international published SWIMWEAR MODEL worldwide
  • RADIO and TV plus Movie appearances as well.
  • And now also a MOLLBABE MODEL international for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA AND MOLLMAG USA which I am very proud of

5. Mark Wong Photography also a warm welcome to you , tell us what is it that makes Khloe Terae so a amazing model, person and successful businesswoman to work with as a photographer ?

  • Shes not just a pretty face with amazing ” GODDESS LIKE LOOKS “ but shes very professional knows what she wants and never stops working really hard to achieve what she wants in life to perfection, shes a true blessing and gem to work with on shoots as she exactly knows how to pose and work the right angles at the right times in front of the lens.

“I am so glad and truly honored to work with such a inspiring and professional and beautiful lady as she is”

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6. Khloe what cause and organization is truly close to your heart that you help out support and give back to the community in a big way ? 

  • I am really proud to say I stand for and help out plus support #AutismAwareness as I’m a activist for PEOPLE living with Autism and for people thats diagnosed with Autism the fight is real and there is still so much to do so please take a minute of your time and show your support today at –






INTERVIEW / EDITS DONE BY : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO /Arne Schreuder