Spring Fever is in the air, as we focus this SEPTEMBER 2018 month on Beauty, Sport , Heritage and more as in SOUTH AFRICA we as SOUTH AFRICANS are pretty good combining those 3 factors in to one amazing living art piece, as today we INTRODUCE our very own  beauty court side serving up those ” Aces of Beauty ” with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA #MissSeptember2018 covermodel Sonel Luyt – ” MARIA SHARAPOVA INSPIRED “

As we setup court side on a windy chill early morning we embrace the cold nippy snap with a few cups of coffee , energy drinks on the go and we make it SPARKLE AND GLOW on the Tennis courts with our tennis gear and flashy dash outfits,

as our CEO ARNE SCHREUDER meet up with MOLLBABE Sonel Luyt, Francois Cloete Photography , Wardrobe Tennis Sport Outfit Designer Liezl Nortjie and Makeup Artist Shameela Cassim,


1. Sonel tell us how does it feel to be chosen as our SEPTEMBER 2018 MONTH HERITAGE SPECIAL #MOLLBABE covermodel ?

  • Hi everyone …… yes this is totally another piece of the puzzle of success in my modeling career that I am truly proud of, being this months #MissSeptember2018 covermodel I truly loved this shoot needles to say it was very cold but we embraced the snappy nippy cold weather and made every minute count.

2. How did this cover shoot plans for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA SEPTEMBER ISSUE 2018 take shape ?

  • Me and Arne was in discussion and planning ideas for this since the end of JULY and we decided to go with a SPORTY TYPE THEME with a sexy edge to it as Arne constantly say to me everyday that my looks and blond hair plus my sexy sporty edge I have, reminds him of MARIA SHARAPOVA the RUSSIAN BEAUTY TENNIS STAR , but as Arne say …….. ” I am the #SASharapova for him that makes him smile all day on court”……. 

“And that is truly a complement in my books I will keep close to me for a lifetime wink wink.”

3. What made this photo shoot so so special for you what will you always remember of this cover shoot for September 2018 for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA ?

  • MOLLBABE SONEL – It’s a wonderful team to work with. Always a challenge facing natural elements such as weather , early morning makeup sessions, but well worth it in the end

Initially having a concept and then executing the ideas ironically surprise ideas do surface. It’s always nice to work with a Professional team such as the MOLLMAG TEAM AND MOLLMAGFAMILY along with MOLLMAGSA CEO  Arne, PHOTOGRAPHER Francois Cloete , Designer Liezl, MUA Shameela and my “Superman” – BF Dewald Steyn who is always willing to help and support.

“And most of all is to have fun and Oh  Boy between us we do always have loads of fun when we are all on set and doing photo shoots together I truly love every minute of it.”

  • FRANCOIS CLOETE PHOTOGRAPHYWe did this on one of the coldest days this year and the professionalism of the model and team struck me as special. On a lighter note my assistant was taken by the beauty of Sonel and did not hold onto the softbox as good as he should and the wind brought the light tumbling down. A photographer’s big fear….lol…at least we could finish the shoot and the damage was minimal.

  • MUA SHAMEELA CASSIM – The Fact that I am so blessed to get this opportunity to work with a wonderful team like you all, really excited that my work is on the cover of this month’s September issue

thank you Sonel for everything thank you Arne for giving me this opportunity to showcase my talent, François and Liezl you guys rock, Sonel always love working with your a beautiful canvas, thank you all.

  • OUTFIT DESIGNER LIEZL NORTJIE – Working with this team is always a pleasure! Everyone’s work just comes together at the end & makes absolute magic! 

4. What was the best feature of Sonel today on set and describe her in your own 3 words ?

  • As photographer Sonel is professional, fun and friendly and a real professional. In bitter cold she played her part never complaining and wanting to give the MOLLMAGSA readers her very best. Her smile lights up a tennis court, Professional, smiling and dedicated.
  • As MUA – Sonel is real fun always makes us smile and always listens to advise given and a true canvas to work on.
  • As Clothing Designer – To sum up Sonel in 3 words is impossible at times shes funny dedicated and stunning as that is only scratching the surface as Sonel is so so much more in a nutshell, plus Shameela always does gorgeous makeup & Francois is just a pleasure to work with! Always open to new ideas & having some fun!! Truly an amazing photographer!!!

“Also not forgetting Arne , as he is a true light of inspiration for us all in this always keeping us on our toes with a smile and wears his heart on his sleeve as he truly cares about us all wanting us to enjoy ourselves, be comfortable and never forget to GIVE OUR BEST with a smile doing so on set.”


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MUA – Shameela Cassim

Clothing Wardrobe Designer – Fantasia by Liezl Nortjie