Time for those Spring Fever Beauty Vibrations this September as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews the vibrant beauty home grown South African MOLLBABE Vicky Ramsingh today.



1. Tell us how does it feel to be back as a #mollbabe feature for the second time as this is your second mollbabe feature with us and how special it is seeing this September month is all about celebrating our SOUTH AFRICAN HERITAGE ?

  • It feels amazing to be featured again so soon and to be part of such a special Heritage Celebration issue too. After all, South Africa is truly an inspiring nation when it comes to diversity and culture.

” And that is what makes our country so beautiful to see so many different cultures mixing together in unity.”

2. What does heritage day personally mean to you as a South African woman and citizen yourself aka #ProudlySA ?

  • Heritage day for me personally is being proud to celebrate and embrace your own culture, beliefs and tradition but to also embrace and celebrate the diversity of the cultures our nation has.
  • To learn and respect others and their backgrounds which is something very important. I am very strong on self love and being proud of who you are.

“But even more so with women empowering other women as we are all beautiful in our own way and no one should be made to feel like their heritage doesn’t matter.”

3. SPRING FEVER is here , tell us how do you celebrate in bringing in the styles and vibes of spring as a model and which fashion trends do you like so far for this spring season in South Africa ?

  • Spring instantly means colors for me. So I’m definitely not going to be shy to play with beautiful, bold colors. I can’t exactly say I follow most fashion trends as I like to dress in whatever fashion I like,

“I always believe originality is key in a world that just follows trends wink wink.”

4. Occupation you found yourself in other than modeling ?

  • I am currently studying marketing management while I do work part time for a marketing company along with being a brand ambassador for a nightclub in Rosebank Johannesburg called Sumo Nightclub.

5. Being a Nightclub ambassador at night what is the most miss interpretation SOMETIMES in your opinion of what people think of you as a person when you work at a up scale high end Nightclub ?

  • I think most models and vixens get opinions of them based on what they do but I personally don’t really care what others think cause regardless whether you do what society wants or not, you will still always be judged so might as well do something that YOU want to DO. Besides, my clothes..appearance and even my job description does and will not ever define me as a person.

6. Favorite Movie of All time , Favorite Music Artist you follow ?

  • Favorite movie has to Moulin Rouge… I cry every time haha ….. My Favorite artist is very tricky….I have so very many it would be an injustice to just name one haha….

7. Share with us your ” INSPIRATION Quote of the Day ” 

“Appreciation in advance brings everything you want to you.”


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ARTICLE INTERVIEW AND EDITS DONE BY Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO