Sweet and nice with a splash of Lace Up Lingerie beauty thats sexy confident and full of pillow talk character thats exquisite and refined as today we give you all a Lingerie Pictorial to remember with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA newest MOLLBABE feature lingerie special with Annie Poletick and Juan Irizarry Photography as they get interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder

Welcome Annie & Juan,

Todays MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe Lingerie beauty aka Annie Poletick is a green eyed blond refined exquisite beauty all the way from Philly Town – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.


“Besides her beauty looks and modeling work Annie also studies fashion design.”

Annie’s hobbies to relax after a hard days studying and modeling are as follows: she loves the arts and music plus also getting outdoors to do some horseback riding as well… she also does trapeze and circus arts, so all in all this green eyed blond bombshell stunner is a “JILL OF ALL TRADES.” 

Modeling Fast Facts of Annie Poletick

  • Eyes – Green
  • Bust size – 30″
  • Cup size – A
  • Height – 5’2″
  • Hair color – Blond

Also photographer Juan Irizarry and model Annie has a interesting story line on how the 2 of them met to work together on some sublime photo shoot projects just like this one for us for the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA NOVEMBER 2018 feature.

As Annie also works as a photography assistant for a photographer and close friend of Juan…… Juan decided to ask Annie if she would be interested in creating some photo shoot magic together in the studio.

“From the get go it was perfection a great connection, easy flow and in the end some amazing results.”

Photographer Juan has also some interesting photography projects that started his passion and pride for photography, plus we all know photography also has some challenges along the way as Juan Irizarry explains:

As a photographer the most challenging sessions are aka weddings, because you have a lot of pressure on you to capture specific moments on the giving day that cannot be duplicated, challenging lighting conditions, posing multiple individuals and the list goes on and on…. But its also need to say to do wedding photography is also a lot of fun too, you just need to be prepared.

From the modeling photography side, well thats different….. things are more controlled, some shoots still require a make-up artist on hand or a special lighting technique to create the feel and look the model / costumer wants, and can be stressing at times.

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Article written and edits done by Arne Schreuder / ArneSchreuderMOLLMAGSACEO and also on Instagram at @arnesa36