Wildlife Photography its not just a hobby or profession for some but a true passion when you love animals and the WILD NATURE of it where the animals a free to be whom they are in their territory and habitat. The photography side of it is just part of the TRUE BEAUTY which it all comes together to tell a AFRICAN BUSH WILD STORY.

Today we embrace the Gifts and Wild treasures South Africa and Africa has, as these amazing creatures and wild animals call it home, our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder together with Save Our Wildlife foundation bring this African Wildlife Safari snapshot spectacle to life.


Photography done by Arne Schreuder and Noleen Schreuder


Article written and edits by Arne Schreuder / ArneMOLLMAGSACEO and also on instagram at @arnesa36

“As we the human race that loves the wildlife animals so much , its up to us to be the animals voice to not just save and protect them, but lets make it a daily point in our lives to do our part to make their voices heard worldwide.” 

  • Theres 2 species of Zebra in Southern Africa the Plains or Burchell’s Zebra and the Mountain Zebra found in vast parts of grass plains which also overlap mountains, the stripes you see of the zebra is actually its own fingerprints in a way, because every zebra has its own unique set of stripes which differ from each other.
  • The African Wild dog live and hunt in packs, they are very rare sight in the KRUGER WILDLIFE PARK so if you find to see them in packs like these its a true gift of nature. Wild dogs are masters of the collective approach to hunting, plus they are natures most structured social order of the carnivores as the pack leaders are dominantly male and female. All other members of the pack play a subordinate role to the alpha pair.
  • Then there is the giraffe aka the gentle giant of AFRICA , but be warned it can be dangerous as it is still a Wild Animal, when it feels threatened  as its stated a few days ago in EYEWITNESS NEWS on 28 December 2018

“A farm worker has died in Limpopo on a game-farm  after he was allegedly kicked to death by a giraffe, as the giraffe felt threatened at the time by the game-farm worker.”

It’s understood the man was feeding the animals at the local game-farm lodge where he worked on when the giraffe kicked him in the stomach, as the giraffe felt threatened at the time.

  • African or Cape Buffalo they inhabit the woodland savannas, in large herd numbers in the Kruger National Park, with smaller herds in Zululand and the Eastern Cape. They are also known to be one of the most dangerous animals in the wild because its hood of sharp horns can pierce through skin and thats why they defend themselves in herds when been hunted by lion.
  • An Elephant uses its trunk to detect water underground and also the trunk has 50 000 muscles… plus the very tip of the trunk the elephant uses to pick up the smallest twig or flower, pull the toughest reed of grass or even pick out a thorn from their feet.

  • Leopard are very skilled claimers of rocks and tree tops, and the true master of hiding and stalking its prey when it hunts for large or small prey. Known to feed on Hyrax, Baboon, Fox, fish and reptiles and even a diet of  smaller prey like insects and rodents at times, because the Leopard is very adaptable to its surrounding and different habitats at times.
  • Hyena is one of the most under rated animal in the wildlife kingdom as its always seen by many as the underdog , but as we all know when its time to proof your worth in life the underdog is the most feared on its day…..

As its known that Hyenas are a very intelligent creature at times more intelligent than a chimpanzee and yes its true, Its all because of its frontal cortex of the brain, with a wily problem-solving ability, in that said….. its also found that Hyenas when it comes to problem solving in the wild they have the nack to cooperate and communicate in complete silence.

Also they are aggressive competitors in the bush, not only scavenging on the kills of other animals as it is often believed. They also can  kill and eat baby lion, leopard and other predators. About 95% of their diet comes from their own kills, which take place in packs of up to 80 hyena in a pack, where the Female Hyena reign supreme in size and authority hierarchy leading status.