DIY Christmas Presents / ornaments to make SANTA fall in love with us all this FESTIVE CHRISTMAS TIME SEASON , as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder takes a closer look

As we all know these days we all must think creative to be innovative as the FESTIVE SEASON is here we all get a chance to splash out our creative moments and talents. Because thing is we all want to safe up some dollar or rands for our nest eggs for the future and beyond.

So its time to get our “FESTIVE DIY CHRISTMAS MOOD ON”  here is some festive low cost innovative and very creative ways to make presents and Christmas ornaments look truly and really dashing and practical at the same time.

As @kailee_elise is showing us in a DIY ” Gifts for Christmas Tutorial”

Then there is also some other practical ideas and creative ways to make Christmas Time very festive alongside your family or loved ones this season like the following “DIY CHRISTMAS WONDERS” in gift giving :

  • A fruity flavor Scented Candles topped of with a Christmas golden,white or red ribbon together with a small written Christmas wish.
  • Santa Claus painted flower pots for mom or those who loves their green fingers out and about in the gardens.
  • A self Family Portrait Photo Christmas card ( yes its very cliché, but its always a winner when you want to say to your family I love you in the Christmas festive spirit times , as to be with family in the festive season is actually the best gift of all.)
  • Oohlalaa and who loves that all so sweet baked Christmas Cookies in the kitchen, oh yes we do.
  • Oh yes we did not forget about Dad, a little something for his BAR SIDE collection as we thought of some wooden carved Christmas themed coasters.
  • And for Dads BBQ / BRAAI sessions we think of what would be better than enjoying a few roasted marshmallows together with some S’mores and a bottle of wine or whiskey dressed in a Christmas ribbon or two. Plus also not forgetting some homemade braai / bbq spice dad loves to use when he grills up that chicken , lamb , beef , fish or pork.

“To all a Merry Christmas and Happy Festive Season and remember to make every creative moment and idea count no matter how big or how small it is or shall be…..its the thought of being with family friends and loved ones that ultimately counts most of all in the season of gift giving.”

Article and edits done by Arne Schreuder / ArneMOLLMAGSACEO and also on instagram at @arnesa36