Introducing our #December2018 month covermodel and as well as MOLLBABE MOTY 2018 as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews MissDecember2018 Jenelle Joanne Ramsami and LuciaB Photography.“AN INDIAN PRINCESS – MOTY. 2018”


Welcome Back Jenelle, tell us what have you been up to on the modeling circuit since the last time we featured you? 

Good day everyone I am glad to be back as a MOLLBABE model feature for MOLLMAGSA as I’m so excited, as I did not much on the modeling scene since my last feature back in 2017 as I focused on my work and my job aka working at NETSTAR.

But also, I must say in my spare time I practiced a lot on my modeling poses which helped me a lot for this cover shoot I did for this month’s DECEMBER 2018 MOLLMAGSA ISSUE, 

How did you feel when you got the news from our CEO Arne Schreuder and Ashley Salazar, that you’re our chosen MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA DECEMBER 2018 cover girl and also MOTY? (Model of the year) 

I’ve been a fan since forever, like every other female / girl…. I myself wanted to be featured in one of the most read model magazines. When I was informed that I was to feature in the magazine let alone be the cover girl all of a sudden there was a pause, I sat back, held my breath I could hear myself screaming inside my head asking myself is this for real? 

Words could not describe the feeling going through me at that time, then to be named model of the year left me speechless and full of tears of joy in my eyes. I was thrilled and proud that this dream had finally come true. I was and still am extremely ecstatic as this helps me elevate my drive to inspire all less fortunate than us.

Regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, financial status, able or disabled people, I live to inspire and reignite dreams, hopes, passions and life goals in all who have just given up hope.  Nobody and I mean NOBODY is at any level or right state of mind to be put down, to have their dreams dashed or be insulted because their dreams are greater than the next person’s perception of reality. 

“If a person can dream it, believe it and know the work needed in order to achieve it NOTHING is impossible.  If we aim for the moon and we miss we will still be amongst the stars.”

Given that you are our first ever cover model living with a disability aka Deaf/Hard of Hearing, what type of challenges did you have to overcome in the modeling industry to where you are now as a model and also an inspiring figure for others around you? 

My only true challenges in life is the human races misconception of a disabled human being.  The lack of knowledge is a key challenge in everybody’s life.  If we take for example South Africa, a normal American citizen only knows of us what he or she has seen on television.

“Majority of Americans think we still live in Africa with lions and elephants running around in our backyards and in absolute poverty, houses made of mud and a loin cloth covering out our private part goodies.” 

So too is the misconception that is portrayed upon us the disabled community.  It is believed that when a hearing person talks to a deaf person they must scream and talk extremely slowly, come on guys we may be Deaf but not dumb. 


The world has people in wheelchairs that play way better basketball than your average park baller, men and women in wheelchairs doing a 100meter sprint quicker than some professional athletes can even attain.

My work offered us Deaf colleagues to do once a month sign language lesson and the interest and excitement shown by the hearing community is inspiring.  I want to take my disability out to the public and educate as best I can to show that our disability is just another language and not a life-threatening problem.

“I motivate not only the disable but the able as well, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving success I say if you want to become someone great, start by doing great things.” 

We also understand and come to notice as a person living with a disability these days, only their parents’ moms or other people also living with disabilities truly understand what type of challenges they face and need to overcome each day in today’s society…….. Would you please share the poem of inspiration you have with us today Jenelle as we would like to share it with our readers and fans today?

“True perfection” 

 I have traveled this menial world And come to know the value of true perfection, My wings have been clipped many times By the distaste of “normal people” But somehow, I don’t agree. Your pros and cons might vary,  But so, does your clause on a piece of paper,  The term “no one is perfect “come to my mind, But I guess by saying this too Would make me imperfect. I’ve been turned inside out by insensitive people, But somehow I won’t lose the fight, You may say my petals are not perfect But that just your opinion. There are many like me, The social norms see unfit, But what gives you the right to say otherwise. I dare to dread if your child’s dreams will be cut of, Just by thinking the way you do. I sat in a mainstream college, I overcame the odds With over two hundred hearing college graduates,  With a percentage so high,  That even your mother will applaud, But who’s to say otherwise, Cause my credentials speak for itself.   And when I stood on that platform, No one knew otherwise except  My lecture who went behind the call of duty. So, what is your humanitarian gift to society? Is it your pros and cons?  Or your clause on a piece of paper? Sad to think otherwise… 

By Ravika Ramsami (my mom) dedicate to Jenelle J Ramsami

As this photo shoot for our DECEMBER COVER revolves around Christmas Festive times and also the theme of that INDIAN PRINCESS… tell us how did this idea and concept start with you our MOLLBABE MODEL OF THE YEAR Jenelle, along with Arne Schreuder, Ashley Salazar and Photographer Lucia? 

Arne and Ashley suggested to the theme of the Indian princess as to this day regardless of my disability I feel that I have proven to all who have known followed or read about me have drawn an inspiration from all I have strive towards and achieved. Lucia my photographer, during my photo shoot was extremely patient and helpful, she took the time to talk to me and assess my needs as a deaf model.  I would recommend her to anybody seeking a photographer for birthday parties, weddings, functions and even a modeling portfolio, the professionalism she exudes is inspirational. 

“I have drawn inspiration from her for my hobby and love of photography.” 

How would people describe you as a person and a model in five words?

Confident Inspiration Caring/ Accommodating/, intelligent respectable, goal driven, Apparently beautiful too (naughty grin) 

As it’s the Festive Christmas time and we all know how important it is to spend it with one’s loved ones and family, tell us how will you spend Christmas this year and festive season Jenelle? 

I will be flying down to Durban to spend the festive season with my family. It’s the only time of the year where I get to see them due to my busy working schedule. 

To be with family during this period is the best feeling in the world, seeing my mum, dad siblings as well as my nieces and nephews are priceless. I have a lot of fun activities planned as well as a photo shoot for my nieces who want to be just like me as they say I’m their role model. I also await my mum’s cuisines which leaves me wanting more every time.  

Every year my three brothers and I have a tradition of dancing, we love dancing together as a family, also I have two nieces as well and five nephews…. they absolutely love me since I’m their only aunt and I truly adore them. 

Hobbies of interest please share? 

Well just as I love being in front of the camera I also love being behind it. I love capturing authentic moments, be it a bird in the tree, the orange reflection of the sky or a child that smiles whatever clicks the mood. In my spare time I draw, paint create pictures that defines my mood it’s really fun.  

My interest on the other hand is designing clothes and setting new trends, a side from all this I also want to design my own hearing aids that will help the underprivileged that’s something that interest me the most and of course reading, acting and dancing, always trying to reach out to anybody that even appears sad.  As the saying goes…. “A day without laughter is a day wasted (Charlie Chaplin)”

Favorite TV Show and Movie?

My favorite tv show is “Reasonable Doubt” – starring Marley Matlin, she is my inspiration. And my favorite movie will be any movie that involves dancing, or is based on dancing like the Step-Up movie sequels, Honey and also Dirty Dancing, Grease, La La Land etc. and of course Titanic.  

Goals you want to strive for in the future and beyond?

Is to do more shoots for MOLLMAGSA and MOLLMAG USA and my dream is to one day also compete in the Mrs SOUTH AFRICA PAGEANT one day.



Photography credit by LuciaB Photography

Article written Interview / edits done by Arne Schreuder / ArneMOLLMAGSACEO also on instagram at @arnesa36