Tis the Season To be festive with beauty love and cheer as we bring the season of giving with one of our very own DECEMBER MONTH MOLLBABE Christmas Angels aka Christina Marie as she gets interviewed by our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder.


Tell us how does it feel to be back for another MOLLBABE Babe of the Day feature and as this one is real special aka A festive season Christmas special how does that feel?

Truly amazing to be back and yes as this one has some festivity trimmings to light this feature up with a bang as a #ChristmasAngel Mollbabe style I truly love it loads to be back and part of the MOLLMAGSA / MOLLMAGFAMILY.

What is the most memorable moment of the festive times like Christmas?

Well spending it with one’s family….. those family times is the most precious of all in the festive season.”

Whats your gift you want to give or be given this Christmas Christina?

Love,Peace and just the gift of happiness to all, as the saying goes its the small things in life that counts the most in the end of the day.

To be an empowered Woman in todays lifestyle means?

You inspire others around you with the strength in you that cannot be ignored as women these days from all race religion and culture have a voice that needs to be heard and not silenced.

What is your festive greetings and message today to your fans and our readers?

Happy Holidays have a festive one and remember to enjoy every moment you get with loved ones and family this season to the fullest…… love each other regardless of once’s differences and be safe.

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Photography credit :  @markvetrini

HMUA by : @shades_of_shai 

Article written and edits done by : ArneMOLLMAGSACEO / Arne Schreuder also on instagram at @arnesa36