Goth Glam with a touch of summer flare as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews today MOLLBABE Babe of the Day The Temptress Phoenix and Photographer Ina Isaacs.

This aspiring and enchanting beauty is all the way from Gauteng, Pretoria ( South Africa) as the saying goes “if you want to see beauty , look no further as we keeping it local today #localislekker.” The Temptress Phoenix is her name and the passion for modeling with a creative and artsy feel to it is her game. A tempting dare stare is the look she gives as this amazing lady gives that the true creativity and beauty to the camera lens day in day out.

MOLLBABE model @Temptress Phoenix – Model

Photographer Ina Isaacs at @Ina’s Images

Describe your modeling style to us in 3 words?

“Brave,Aspiring and Enchanting.”

Your Model stage name aka The Temptress Phoenix explain to us the meaning behind it all?

My nickname has been Phoenix for as long as I can remember, particularly aka forever! And been told by many of my friends that I can be tempting especially with my dare stare I do give off automatically without realizing it so therefor the name “The Temptress Phoenix” was born and stuck with me ever since.

 If you had the power to change one thing in the world or in your country South Africa, to make it a better place for all what would that be?

“Put a stop to all hate and crime, and abandoning of helpless new born babies and animals.”

Hobbies and some FunFacts of the Goth Queen Temptress Phoenix:

Favorite TV Show- The Vikings TV Series

Favorite Movie- Aquaman DC , Jason Mamoa oohlalaa #hunk material for sure.

Favorite Music- It depends on the mood I am in for the day.

Hidden talents- Well I design my very own headpieces,props and outfits for the photo shoots I do, ( I actually designed this pink Madonna corset bust piece as well as the floral sunglasses for this MOLLBABE feature today by myself)

Favorite Tattoo artwork you have at the moment- Haha as they say my blood type is #INKPOSITIVE my favorite tattoo is “The Plague Doctor Gas Mask on my left calve.” designed by friend and Tattoo Artist Chris van der Walt at Skinn Tattoo and Body Piercing. 

2019 is here whats on your to do list aka bucket list for the new year?

Not yet complete, but soon will be… will definitely still involve a cage submerging underwater dive with crocodiles one day and would love to travel the world more.

“Remember you only get to live once, so make the most of it all!”