Today with a Summer Swimwear feel to things we introduce to you all our readers fans and followers, our #MissFebruary2019 cover model Crystal Rhodes , as our CEO Arne Schreuder welcomes her and also talk to Photographer Brian Wright as well as BeYounique Modeling Agency CEO the inspiring Amandy Ranger.

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Event by – @amandyranger / @beyouniquemodels

Photography credit – Brian Wright Photography @bwright242


Covermodel Crystal Rhodes from Purvis Mississippi  is our #MissFebruary2019 this month and shes all about, following her dreams and working hard to reach that goals in her life, doing it with passion, pride, and the believe in GOD and the believe in herself to prove that she can do anything she sets her mind to and also following the path that the power of GOD gave her to do so.

In Crystal’s younger years she knew from a very young age she wanted to be in front of the camera lens, in her words as she puts it :

“I loved to be in front of the camera, I did good in so many beauty pageants as a child in my younger years, as I even back then had a opportunity to model at such a young age, at 18 I took it up to prove myself.”

“I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do.”

Crystal how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

“Determined, Optimistic and Reliable”

Crystal what is the one thing most people , your fans and followers would be amazed to know about you?

Well, this is no secret, I am spiritually connected with GOD, I wouldn’t be where I am at in my life without HIM. I plan to keep my values, and be a role model to others whom look up to me.

What was the feeling you got knowing you were chosen to be our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA cover feature for February 2019 issue?

Crystal as a model: Honestly I came into this modeling event held by Oochewear and BeYounique Models thinking that I will loose as there was loads of other beautiful models in the comp that took part at the event, but I gave it my best shot anyways and when I won I felt accomplished, blessed, and excited for this opportunity.

Amandy Ranger as Event Host and CEO of BeYounique Models: Its fantastic to see and it goes to show how much hard work goes into events such like this. Allowing not just professional but also up and coming models a chance to shine as well. Truly a great opportunity grabbed with both hands. I also would like to give a BIG SHOUTOUT thank you to Arne and Ashley from MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for believing in us and also giving us the opportunity and platform to showcase our wonderful and beautiful talents we have.

Brian Wright as a Photographer: Crystal’s eyes were the first thing I noticed and said to myself this is the girl this is the #moneyshot for a cover feature, I am truly so proud of her. Plus I am also very blessed and thankful to showcase my talent on the cover for the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA February Issue #soblessed and #sothankfull.

Crystal back to you tell us whats your hobbies and interests?

  • Photography
  • Reading Writing
  • Hanging out and having quality time with my friends and family

Any hidden talents you have Crystal, share with us?

“I can sing and dance as I was part of a choir for 8 years back in the days, I am also really good in tutoring kids with a learning disability whom struggles in schools.”