Today we have a inside look of some amazing Body paint art and UV Black Light Photography with MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE Carla van Rensburg alongside JB Photography and CEO Arne Schreuder for our February 2019 photography pictorial.

For the love of Bodypaint art today as we talk to South African Master Class Photographer JB PHOTOGRAPHY on what makes Bodypaint Art and UV Blacklight photography so unique and special in its own right.

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photography credit Jaco Blom at JB PHOTOGRAPHY – at website

Welcome Jaco (JB PHOTOGRAPHY) and MOLLBABE Carla van Rensburg, Jaco tell us a bit about yourself and your photography you do?

Jaco JB Photography – Im glad to be finally be a part of this amazing publication of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and MOLLMAG USA thank you so much for giving me the platform to showcase my skills.

“My preferred work is to shoot a series of images in order to walk in someone else’s footsteps. I appreciate multiple exposures and light painting. I thrive on capturing beauty in the photography I do especially female fine art photography.”

Further more, I use photography to observe the complexities of humans from thoughts and dreams and female introspection. My images rely on a rigidity between an apparently approachable subject matter and sometimes in a darker context as well.

Carla Van Rensburg – Ooh yes I am back everyone and I am so so happy and glad to be back for a amazing feature, Arne , Ashley and Jaco thank you so so much.

“These images capture the true artistic side of me Body paint Art truly one of my favorites. A genre to truly express myself for what the beauty of a model and as a woman is. #expressyourbeauty #expressyourself.”

Jaco, whats the beauty for you in bodypaint and UV blacklight photography as a photographer?

For me anything that is worthy of photographing is beautiful. Body paint is especially a favorite of mine because it isn’t even regarded as fine art yet. Yes can you believe it? The human body also creates the most visually appealing shapes and combining that with a photography skill like Ultra Violet Fluorescent Photography.

“It surly makes these images some of my favorites.”

From a Photographer’s point of view describe Carla for us in 3 words?

  • Gorgeous
  • Reliable
  • Vibrant

From all your photography projects and photo shoots you done as a photographer over the years which project and photo moment stands out the most for you in your photography?

An Sangoma ritual I photographed was special. Some fine art nudes was special as well, however this is a near impossible question as all my shoots has something unique and special to them all.