A Carnival of Beauty and Pride as we introduce to you all our #MissMarch2019 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA cover model MOLLBABE , ” The Brazilian inspirational Beauty” Lily Martins as she gets interviewed today by our CEO Arne Schreuder.

Carnival do Rio it is much more than just a name of the most  popular and glamorous festival in the world thats held in Brazil each year when March month comes around….The festival’s beauty, rhythm and colorful outfits makes this event stand out from the rest with true beauty,passion and pride as our MOLLMAGSA MISS MARCH 2019 Lily Martins explain more.


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Photography by Oscar Anti at – @skr_photo_

MUA done by Molly Wiley at – www.poppywildbeauty.com

Welcome back Lily, tell us a bit more about yourself and what have you been up to since we last featured you?

Hi everyone, thank you so much for having me as your cover model, I’m so pleased and my dream to do something with my culture and background, I been doing well just living my life to the fullest, as best I can.

For today’s cover model feature we notice the theme is Brazilian Rio Carnaval Festive Goddess, tell us how did this Idea come to light?

Me and Arne discussed and worked out the theme together…. Arne is truly full of amazing ideas as always, but it’s easy to come with ideas if we are discussing Brazil my hometown, because I’m always happy to do a photo shoot like this that focuses on my heritage it makes me so happy when people want to see that side and part of where I’m from.

What would you say is the most spectacular thing for you about the RIO CARNIVAL that’s held in Brazil each year?

It’s all the colorful, glamorous, outfits the girls wear, as they wear it with so much pride.

Your Favorite Hobbies and Interests?

Would have to be listening to music and then dancing and playing soccer I’m Brazilian so it only makes sense right lol.

Being Brazilian as your heritage, what would you say is the most wonderful thing and stand out the most for you being Brazilian and having that as your heritage background LILY please share?

What stands out the most is my heritage and also definitely my look appearance, also a bit of an accent I have.

Parting ways, share with us a message you have for your fans and followers today Lily as the stage is yours?

I want to give a huge #shoutout to all my supporters mostly fans, and also family and friends, I wouldn’t be here without all your help. My message to all my peeps is I love you all so much, as all of your support and love for me makes me a better version of myself at the end of the day. Thank you so much for everything. God bless you all.