May the force of ultimate Sensuality , Style and pride roll into that perfect look and Beauty our Covermodel for May 2019 oozes as we introduce to you all Rachelle Stein alongside Photographer Warren M Eckstein, as our CEO Arne Schreuder gets the scoop and so much more for you all today.

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Photography by Warren M Eckstein at – @all_warren

A month full of true beauty and captivating photography as the talented international Photographer Warren M Eckstein gives us the scoop on what is it that makes our #MissMay2019 Rachelle Stein stand out from all the rest.

Warren first and for most congrats on being our cover photography feature this month with the beautiful Rachelle Stein, how does it make you feel?

Thank you!!  I cannot express how pleased and honored I am to be a part of the MOLL MAGAZINE USA & MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA team.  

It feels great to work with an organization that appreciates the work, and showcasing the lovely Rachelle is something I have long dreamed of.  She’s an astounding beauty.  #ThisIsReallyAwesome thank you!

Explain to us where did it all start your journey as a photographer with model Rachelle, what other projects have you worked on including this shoot for us? 

I met Rachelle a few years back where she worked at a local Hooters Restaurant / Sports Bar.  She had been a Hooters Calendar Girl a few times, and when we met, I obviously admired her beauty, and her great smile, 

but her personality was one of her best attributes. We spoke for a while about a possible collaboration for publications, and shortly after made a schedule to shoot.

These images are the result of that amazing shoot. I feel very proud of this work.


In your point of view as a photographer what is the best assets / qualities of model Rachelle that stands out the most for you explain? 

Rachelle is the “entire” package which is why I wanted to work with her, and how she made herself so successful over the years.  She’s always very bubbly, very cheerful, always smiling and enjoying whatever she is doing. 

She also brought the same professionalism to our shoot, this combined with her stunning looks and I knew I had a sure-fire winner.