In Focus today we zoom in on the talents of international published photographer Alex Sears alongside the Beautiful international published model Maria Kay , as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more,

Putting our photography lenses in focus as we introduce the beauty in front of the lens today aka Maria Kay and the mastermind behind the lens aka Alex Sears, all the way from Canada.

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Welcome Alex and Maria, please introduce yourselves to us, as we want to congratulate you both on being featured today and part of our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MAY month issue? 

Alex – I’m a photographer from Canada, about 50 minutes west of Toronto.

Maria – Hi everyone, my name is Maria Kay and I’m super excited to be part of the MOLLMAG South Africa Magazine this May Month and also part of the family, 

 I was born and raised in Ukraine, moved to Canada at the age of 16 for educational purposes. After graduating with a Business degree majoring in Accounting I’ve decided to stay in Canada and pursue my modeling career.  

I’ve traveled the world doing photo shoots for various magazines including FHM Sweden Playboy Australia & Playboy South Africa and many others.

Alex what made you took up photography professionally please explain?

I was my high school’s yearbook photographer and did my first wedding for friend’s days after graduation. From there, I became my college’s main photographer and then their student newspaper Photo Editor. After college and working for Canada’s largest photo retailer I was in a car accident which damaged my knee ending my regular job type work and turned my school hobby into my profession.

Alex, in your own words explain the following… “To talk to public through ones photography lens makes it…? 

…a challenge every day. You can’t make everyone happy all the time but I sure can try to.”

Maria what’s your hobbies where will we find you when you’re not doing modeling #TakingTimeOut to Relax? 

I mostly spend time with my family, I have a 5-year-old son that keeps me pretty busy. Other than that, I love going to the gym/pool, love watching documentaries and conspiracies, go for walks with the dog etc.

Alex other than photography when you’re not busy with photo shoots or editing where will we find you doing what to relax? 

My kid keeps me quite busy as does my girlfriends children. If I get time to relax…Nerdy is the new sexy… or so The Big Bang Theory tells us. I am part of a medieval reenactment club where we do historical research on medieval times from 600ad ti 1650ad, part of what I do there is put on armor and do full contact live sparing with swords made of a bamboo like wood. If I’m not doing that, I’m a gamer… the kind that uses books, tabletops and dice not a mouse. I play Dungeons & Dragons not Warcraft. 

Modeling #FACTS of MARIA KAY

Measurements 89-61-90 

Hair color – Blond  

Eye color – Blue