July month is here as we introduce our Cover Model for this month, which is not just a ” Face Of Beauty” in front of the lens of the camera as a model but also a successful lady in her own right when it comes to the make-up side… international Make-up Artist and model Cori Newhook alongside Photographer Anthony Neste as they sat down with our CEO Arne Schreuder

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Face of Beauty is the name of the game this month as our July month Cover Model… international Make-Up Artist and model Cori Newhook teams up with world renowned International published photographer aka Anthony Neste as they bring us a scoop of both their fruitful international careers in the business of modeling, makeup artistry as well as photography and many more,

Welcome Anthony Neste and Cori Newhook, first and for most we want to congratulate you both on being our cover feature today for our 2019 JULY issue, how does it make you feel right now? 

Cori – It’s a true honor to be featured as a cover model for this month’s issue and publication, I’m truly over the moon happy and grateful. Thank you so much. 

Anthony – Awesome …always love to see my photos on MOLLMAG USA AND MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA

As a wellknown international photographer, yourself Anthony share with us some of your greatest achievements as a photographer please aka LIST THE TOP 5 MOMENTS in your career? 

WOW there’s actually a lot of memorable moments but the ones that stand out the most for me is my First assignment for Sports Illustrated, First Cover for SI, working for HBO, getting on the Sopranos for 3 years. as I was the photographer for The Sopranos TV SERIES and produced some of the most memorable publicity photographs from that show, And as well as seeing both my children become amazing photographers in their own right.

Back to you Cori, we also hear and come to notice you‘re not just a face of beauty as a model, but you‘re also a successful internationally known make-up artist, share with us the story behind that all as well? 

I’ve always been into makeup artistry since I was a little girl. I started to test out modeling back in 1996 in New York City. The photographer liked my makeup so much he had me to do my own instead of the makeup artist they had on set. I knew then that I could probably make a living out of it. Fast forward to 2012, I started my own business freelancing and have been doing it ever since till this day and I totally love my work as a make-up artist.

Cori what does the following sentence “BEAUTY OF A WOMAN” mean to you explain? 

“We all know beauty is within. I can’t stand the word ugly.” 


FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES / TV SHOW OR MOVIE AT THE MOMENT? – I’m currently re-watching Dexter Series 

FAVORITE FOOD OR LATE-NIGHT SNACK – Ice cream and launchables. 

YOUR MAKE-UP TIP OF BEAUTY OF THE DAY – Never wear a full face of foundation in the summer. A little concealer in the places you need it, Waterproof mascara, and lip gloss goes a long way.” 

TURN ON’S – A sense of humor and a great smile always wins. 

TURN OFFS – Bad hygiene and condescending people turn me off. 

INSPIRATIONAL QOUTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY – “Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness and bad days give you experience.” 


HEIGHT – 5’7 

EYE COLOR – Green 

HAIR COLOR – Dark Brown