Today it is all about vision of Men’s Style and Swag with today’s Man Of Style Editorial by Photographer Lana Elyse from Glam Brand Photo alongside male model Eustaquiano as they get interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder


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Photography by @iamlana.elyse from @glambrandphoto

Man of Style moment with swag as this MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA July 2019 editorial is something for our female fans to gush about for today with Male Model Eustaquiano Hunt alongside Photographer Lana Elyse from Glam Brand Photo as our CEO Arne Schreuder find out more…

Welcome Lana & Eustaquiano, congratulations to ya both on being our MAN OF STYLE – MENS EDITORIAL feature today for our 2019 JULY issue, how does it make you feel right now? 

LANA – I feel amazing! I’m always super excited when I shoot a model and the photos get picked up for a feature, especially a Men’s Style cover for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA ! Very proud of our work right now!

EUSTAQUIANO – Being part of the 2019 July editorial or June issue, which ever you prefer, brings great excitement to my life, as well as another accomplishment for my family and I!! I thrive to make them proud, and I’m honored to have been given this opportunity by Moll Magazine USA & Moll Magazine South Africa, thank you! 

Lana as a photographer what is it that intrigues you the most about mens editorial style photography? 

I love the strong male features paired with great clothes (if any) and great lighting; I love the effortless statement of men’s editorial. 

Lana explain to us what was the focal points you focused on as a photographer for this mens editorial photo shoot? 

My focal points were on Eustaquiano’s chizzled looks! He has this strong look about him and he’s easy to shoot, he just works the hell out of the camera. I wanted to show off that face and those abs of course!

Eustaquiano where did the passion for male modeling all start for you and where do you reside from? 

My passion for male modeling all started when I was a young child. I remember watching television shows, and as I got older, Music videos had a big influence on my outlook as a fashion model… I was always intrigued by the fashion actors, and music artist would wear. I reside from Stockton CA (California, USA!) 

What’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes? 

LANA AS A PHOTOGRAPHER –A confident attitude and a well fitted blazer.” 

 EUSTAQUIANO AS A MODEL – Something I think will always be in fashion no matter how much time passes, would probably be denim. Its usage is used in many ways. As far as the style and how it’s used, that would depend on “who’s name” and or region of the denim DNA… and or change with how people implement their own style. 

FUN FACTS OF Eustaquiano Hunt our MAN OF STYLE FOR JULY 2019: 

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES / TV SHOW OR MOVIE AT THE MOMENT? –The Marvel Cinematic Universe films. If I had to pick a second, it would be the John Wick films. Keanu Reeves is totally awesome in it #fact.


WHAT WERE YOU REALLY IN TO WHEN YOU WERE YOUNGER, BUT NOW THINK IT WILL BE SILLY? – When I was younger, I was really into wearing clothes 3xs my actual size. (ex. I’m a 32 waist, but I would buy 38 to 40 waist size.) I think that would be silly if I were to do that today. 

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY –Probably my own… “Life is black and white, it’s either yes or no…”


FAVORITE MUSIC CHART TOPPER SONG YOU JAM OUT TO AT THE MOMENT –I would say it would be… is Kanye West album Graduation…. But also, Michael Jackson is in there somewhere as well!!!