We walk the Walk and talk the Talk, as the spotlight is on the amazing work of international Photographer Juan C Irizarry and the beautiful Aliyah aka “WildHeartGypsySoul” – Lingerie Editorial for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA today.

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Photography by Juan C Irizarry on instagram at @jciphotos also on facebook and website


Free spirited beauty and a lady that oozes confidence and strong character in the way she looks, feels and live her daily lifestyle as we introduce aka – “The WildHeartGypsySoul” and the talented international re-noun photographer Juan C Irizarry ,

As our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with these 2 mesmerizing talent’s… model and photographer to showcase their skills of beauty in this lush-like Lingerie Editorial for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA SEPTEMBER 2019 issue.  

Welcome Aliyah and Juan congrats on your lingerie special feature with us today tell us how does it feel for you both to be featured in our SEPTEMBER 2019 feature? 

Juan – Thank you! It’s a great honor anytime we get to be featured on your publication. As an artist our goal is to have our work reach as many people as possible and this is a great platform for it. 

Aliyah – I’m so grateful! It’s an honor to be featured this month. Thank you for the opportunity!

Juan describe Aliyah aka Wildheart GypsySoul in your own words from a photographer’s point of view? 

Aliyah is a great model to work with, she is very cooperative and engaged during the shoot, one of the things I like the most about her is her confidence and strong character. 

“She also has a very warm and approachable personality, that helps a lot when working on set.”

Aliyah, give us the lowdown / meaning behind your social media name aka WildheartGypsySoul?  

“The phrase resonates with me. I’m such a free spirit it just fits who I am. I even have the phrase tattooed on my forearms.”

Aliyah working with Juan on this shoot and project, what is the one thing that one moment that stood out the most for you as a model please share? 

Juan was a pleasure to work with! He sees something in his head before capturing it and it shows through his work.  He’s a great director…sometimes it’s difficult to know how to position myself in a pose since I cannot see what I look like and Juan was telling me exactly what to do. “That makes my job super easy.”

Most favorite thing about modeling and why Aliyah? 

Seeing the images for the first time! To be able to get all dolled up, pick out wardrobe, then take photos and wait for the finish product to come back is all so exciting!  

 “I love the feeling when I open my email or Dropbox knowing I’m about to see some on point lit’ images that’s on fire and looks truly spectacular lol”


FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE AT THE MOMENT? –  I am obsessed with The Office. I’ve seen the entire series 8 times. I was even gifted the series’ DVDs in preparation for 2020 when Netflix will stop airing the show.

YOUR HOBBIES OTHER THAN MODELING – I am a mother to a beautiful 18-month-old daughter, I typically like to spend all of my extra “free” time with her playing and laughing.But I also enjoy cooking, being outside in the sunshine, traveling, eating good food and dancing! 

WHAT WOULD BE THE ONE THING YOU WOULD CHANGE IN THE WORLD WE LIVE IN TODAY IF YOU CAN – I’d like to do something about the environment. There are so many factors that have affected the world’s overall the number one reason why we have seen such a huge decline in all of our wildlife, our oceans and our atmosphere in the last 60 years.“Like if we could pass laws protecting the land, wildlife and oceans or something that’d be great.” 

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY –Right now I really like, “don’t go where you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated.”  

I love that because there are always haters out there who don’t want to see you grow or prosper and that’s fine, that’s their problem honestly.  You have to be appreciative of the ones who are on your team and want to see you do better. 

MEASUREMENTS – Chest 31” D cup Waist 23” Hips 33” Height 5”3 Weight 106