Getting that Beach vibe with a splash of Beauty in the tropics of Aruba as we showcase newest MOLLBABE model Jill Walsh alongside Mark Wong Photography and Glam by Alicia xo  for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA September 2019 issue.

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Photography by Mark Wong at @yaamon also on website

Make-Up by @glambyaliciaxo also on facebook and website

Located in the South Caribbean Sea, as today Aruba is the place to be with that tropic Beach Vibe Feelin’ and crystal blue waters with the blazing Summer Sun and the Beauty to match that’s what today’s Swimwear Editorial is all about as Photographer Mark Wong , Glam By Alicia xo and the stunning Jill Walsh creates for us today, as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview this Beachside Beauty Crew for more – ” Beach Beauty in the Beautiful Aruba”

Welcome JILL, MARK AND ALICIA congrats on your feature with us today tell us how does it feel for you all to be featured in our SEPTEMBER 2019 feature? 

 JILL – Thank you so much for considering me for the feature in the magazine, I am so so happy and excited about this it’s truly a dream come true to be in this month’s SEPTEMBER ISSUE. 

MARK – It’s always a heartwarming feeling of joy and excitement to be featured and published I am so honored to be part of the family thank you so much. 

GLAM BY ALICIA XO – Oh wow another feature, with the beautiful Jill and talented Mark… this is so amazing thank you everyone for all your hard work and effort to make this happen I am so thankful.

Jill give us a quick introduction of yourself where are you from and what makes you whom you are today? 

My name is JILL WALSH… I’m 30years old born and raised in BOSTON Massachusetts, USA. I am a lady that’s a thrill seeker when it comes to life itself, totally love the outdoors as I’m a so-called adrenaline junkie when the outdoors in nature is calling.  

 When I’m not modeling you guys will find me working for a Cyber Security company as I am an Executive Assistant, so yeah you can say I am a blue-eyed blond with a CyberTech brain,  

As the saying goes…

“I’ve got the looks and also the intelligence to match.”


 FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE AT THE MOMENT? – Right now, I’m currently binge-watching Letterkenny on Hulu, their Canadian humor has me in stitches constantly. 

YOUR HOBBIES OTHER THAN MODELING I love anything outdoors! From bike riding down the dirt trails to paddle boarding anywhere there’s water, I’m there. I love being adventurous; skydiving, hiking,jet-skiing, anything let’s do it!

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT IN THE WORLD –My absolute favorite place I have ever traveled to would have to be Iceland.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY “Be kind, everyone and everything matters”

HEIGHT – 5’3