A Bedtime story in store with the Beautiful Canadian Blond Stunner Sensation Nevada Caitlyn together with Pablo B Photography for our SEPTEMBER MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Lingerie feature

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Photography by Pablo B at instagram @photographer_pablo_b


Bedtime stories can be mesmerizing, captivating and beautiful in all its glory, as today we bring you a Lingerie Editorial with the beautiful Canadian blond Nevada Caitlyn and the talented Pablo B Photographer, as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more…for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA SEPTEMBER 2019 feature.



After a long long time, welcome back for yet another spectacular feature with us Nevada, how does it feel to be back and featuring again with us?

So proud and happy to be featuring yet again… I’m truly grateful to be part of the MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE FAMILY for so long and to feature this amazing set me and Pablo B did, Im so so glad these photos made it for feature so proud of it…

“Lingerie with a sassy glam touch… one of my favorite genres of modeling for sure.” – As Arne always give me a vote of confidence before every photo shoot I line up to do, and having Arne as support is so so amazing makes me feel beautiful every time I feature for… MOLLMAG USA , MOLLMAG AU and MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.

This feature is all about the beauty of what makes a woman confident and beautiful in the lingerie she wears, Nevada… tell us what does that mean to you personally? 

“My confidence shines when I get to wear stunning lingerie and fabulous earrings  for photo shoot editorials like this one.”

Working with the talented photographer aka Pablo B… Nevada what made it so special to work with him as a model on this project and photo shoot? 

Well, I just love love love his style of photography… its so clean , on point and stylish, and Pablo makes you feel so comfortable in what to do in front of the lens…he truly captures the essence of style and beauty of a woman in what she wants to portray to the world out there.

Plus also Pablo being from Toronto Canada is that more satisfying, because we showcase the beauty and wonders of CANADA today as I’m also Canadian myself and very proud of it.

Nevada it’s time to share some secrets today and it’s your turn… tell us something…. your fans, or friends doesn’t know about you? 

“I’m a girl that actually loves to play video games in my spare time when I want to relax”

Online Dating is a big thing these days in the day and age we live in to meet someone special in our life, what’s your take on it Nevada? 

My thoughts on online dating is I’ve personally never had an account or have used it before but I know and have heard people having some pretty interesting experiences for sure!

Although I have heard of positive stories and couples still working it out. – “Props to them”

As its RUGBY WORLD CUP 2019 fever this month and kicks off in TOKYO JAPAN this September, Nevada what’s your message of support to your beloved Canadian team aka CANADA that will be competing in the tournament, please share? 

Oh wow… thing is I don’t follow the sport rugby that much over here in CANADA, but let me say this HOPE THE LADS will do us Canadians proud in JAPAN, 

and know this… the GREAT WHITE NORTH are all behind our boys playing in the tournament in Japan Tokyo #RWC2019 … “Make us Proud Canada” 


 FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE AT THE MOMENT? –  I love Riverdale, What If, Stranger Things, The Office and Friends on Netflix

FAVORITE MUSIC TRACK / CHART TOPPER AT THE MOMENT?  –  My favorite music topper to listen to would be a hard one to choose because I enjoy listening to all genres of music. But if I have to choose it would be – All around the world (la la) by REHAB remix haha,

“It’s an oldie dance floor chart topper but it’s the first thing getting me dancing out of bed in the mornings…I just love a good dance floor beat.”

 ZODIAC SIGN – Scorpio