Today’s editorial is all about the mind power intelligence and beauty of a woman that gives that perfect combination of  –  ” The Brains and Beauty Factor” as the talented David Northcott Photography alongside the beautiful international model Callista Cheri give us their own interpretation of it for today’s MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA – SEPTEMBER 2019 feature


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To be beautiful and capture the attention of the world, the power of a woman lies in not just her beautiful sassy looks but also its a blend and mixture of intelligence, aka ” Brains and Beauty” the ultimate combo of a bit of both as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with Callista Cheri and David Northcott Photography as they explain more…

Welcome CALLISTA CHERI AND DAVID congrats on your feature with us today tell us how does it feel for you both to be featured in our SEPTEMBER 2019 feature? 

CALLISTA CHERI – Thank you so much for featuring me, I am so grateful and excited to be in this month’s SEPTEMBER ISSUE. 

DAVID – I’m ecstatic to feature my work once again with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, it’s always a blessing getting the work i do published, thank you. 

Callista tell us a bit about yourself, where you from and what you do for a living? 

Hi everyone I am an independent model located in DENVER COLORADO, USA, and I work in the Hospitality industry for about 10 years now.

Modeling is a difficult industry to succeed in, how did you get into the it? 

Well, I got my start in the industry working with Harley Davidson and amateur photographers.  I also network with business owners, managers and concierges… 

“Being in hospitality helps to give me those connections.”

There are many photographers out there with different levels of experience shooting a variety of genres, what do you look for in a photographer and which genre do you prefer? 

I love all different styles but, I also want the photographer I work with to have vision and creativity, my absolute favorite style is SWIMSUIT OR BIKINI style photographs. Tasteful but yet very classy still, because for me quality beats quantity everyday… 

 “and also, professionalism is a big factor and key as well.” 


Tell us what do you do to prepare for that all-important photo shoot on the day, what’s your routine? 

 I always like to get plenty of rest before a shoot… As the saying goes, I’m a bright eyed and bushy tailed first thing in the morning.  

Packing wardrobe is easy. When you have a vision, everything is easier and tends to progress and flow naturally. Then I do my hair and make-up, always trying not to stress too much. Plus, I like to rock out to 8O’s hair metal music to get in the mood and ready for the day at work in front of the camera. 

Today’s shoot and feature theme is all about ” Brains & Beauty Power of a women…Being Book Smart”, what made this shoot so special for you? 

I totally loved the shoot… the message is all in the heading aka in today’s society we need to keep our focus on to be smart we need to keep studying as we can always learn new things every day education is key. 

“And reading is also a big part of it as it sharpens our skills in literacy, having the combination of being smart and beautiful at the same time is a formidable combination trust me.”

Keeping fit is the name of the game, give us your secret for staying in shape and beautiful?

My diet was kinda given to me by fate, because I’m a celiac. So, proteins, fresh fruit and of course chocolate, because it makes me happy! I also been training for Pro wrestling 5 nights per week. The conditioning is intense and keeps me in shape. 


HOBBIES – Pro Wrestler, Actress, Model, Photographer and also Videographer 

SPORTS TEAM YOU LOVE TO WATCH AND SUPPORT – Denver Broncos in the NFL all the way baby 

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY – “Life is an adventure learn to love it and live it to the full always smiling” 

HEIGHT – 5’9 

HAIR COLOR – Blond / Light Brown