A new face on the modeling circuit these day’s as we introduce newest MOLLBABE model that’s making her very first debut in our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA October 2019 issue, International beauty Kristen Rene

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Photography by Brian Wright Photography on instagram @bwright242 also on facebook

Today we introduce newest mollbabe model and fresh face look model Kristen Rene ” Model in the Making” shes not just and aspiring model to be but also loves to be outdoors riding her motorcycle aka GSXR1000, so its time to leather up hit the road and head home-ward bound  in the fast-lane, sharing some modeling moments in front of the lens with Kristen and Brian Wright Photography , as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more

Welcome Kristen and Brian congrats on your October month feature with us, how do you feel right now explain? 

Model Kristen – I’m extraordinarily happy to be a part of the magazine and monthly feature today, thank you so much!

Brian Wright Photography – I am honored to show my work today with Kristen she’s very inspiring to me, and to show her artistic views through my photography for MOLLMAGSA in this month’s October edition is a true blessing thank you.

Being somewhat new to the modeling scene, where and how did the passion for modeling all start for you Kristen please share?  

I’ve always aspired to be a model, and modeling became a reality for me about two years ago when a close friend of mine referred me to Brian. From there, it’s taken shape into a passion of mine.

Give us a short intro in who you are and where you reside from share with us your story today Kristen? 

Residing on the Coast of South Mississippi, I dabble in many aspects that make me who I am. I’m not only a model… I work in the construction industry, I ride motorcycles, and I work in the entertainment industry.  I enjoy learning and experiencing new things and that’s what has led me to where I am today.

“I can only say that there is much more journey lying ahead of me that I cannot wait to adventure through! “

In your own words what makes a woman strong, independent and beautiful Kristen? 

I’m strong and independent because I naturally have a rebellious mindset. Although someone might try to persuade me to do something, I will always go the path I choose.

I love being positive, fun, and encouraging to my friends and family, and I think that’s what makes me beautiful apart from exterior looks.

Brian back to you… from a photographer’s view, what is it that makes Kristen so a unique model in her own unique way please explain? 

“Kristen is amazing. From the first shoot, she has always inspired me to make some great art in my opinion. We keep getting better with every shoot. “

What is it of MOLLMAGSA as a brand and magazine that wanted you to feature with us today Kristen, please share? 

Brian, my lovely and trusty photographer, has entered us to be featured in MOLLMAGSA. And then Brain connected me as well with Arne the CEO that made this all happen…

We are both absolutely thrilled to be a part of this magazine and represent a part of the image that the magazine stands for We love that you are stylish and support the image that we also portray!

 Kristen in today’s lifestyle… share with us your healthy habits to live life on the healthy side, what would you say is the key points of a healthy living lifestyle… list 4 key points please? 

Typically, after work, I spend about an hour at the gym lifting weights and a short length of cardio. Following my workout, I’ll eat a meal high in protein or drink a protein shake.

Sometimes I will participate in yoga class to keep my mentality centered and humble. Lastly, starting my morning with a positive mindset, a hot cup of coffee, and a healthy breakfast!

Your most favorite genre of modeling you want to focus more on in future Kristen, please share? 

“I love working in commercial work. I’d say my favorite genre would be high fashion or edgy. I do love to change my look for variance.”


Favorite Movie of all time? – I love the movie Baby Driver because it integrates a love story with a ‘getaway’ car driver.

What was the last funny video you saw or story you read on online or social media joke or meme that was shared on social media that made you laugh out loud? – I love animal voice over video! One in specific is a penguin jumping around while rapping. He runs into another penguin, and he keeps jumping around. Absolutely hilarious!!

 The love for pets, how many do you have and what are their names? – I have one cat who was rescued from a construction zone by my coworker. She got the name Harley because I love riding motorcycles.

Celebrity Crush or Celebrity you would like to meet or spend the day with? – My celebrity crush would have to be “Ryan Gosling.” He stole my heart in “The Notebook” and continue to be outstanding in every movie he plays in.

 Favorite vacation spot in the whole world? – I would love to spend my days endlessly in a wilderness lodge drinking wine, reading a book with my feet propped up, and my best friends by my side. I’d probably pick a place like Colorado or Tennessee to spend those days. 

Inspiration quote you live life by? – “ Keep the rubber side down & Never fly faster than what your guardian angel can fly. “