This month of October we give you a sense of fashion and style that portrays that Goth Dark Angel feel of things with South African model Temptress Phoenix and Ina Snyman form Ina’s Images for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA

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Photography by @inaimages on instagram and facebook

MUA done by Zoe Coetzer at @beauty_byzoe1

Wardrobe / Clothing done by Liezl Nortjie at Fantasia By Liezl Nortjie and instagram

It’s got that Goth Dark Angel theme tied in with beauty uniqueness and the empowerment of what women stand for in life their own uniqueness, as this month’s OCTOBER 2019 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA issue gives that style and much much more this month as we introduce you all to our COVER MODEL Temptress Phoenix and Photographer Ina Snyman as they explain more about today’s unique cover story alongside CEO Arne Schreuder

Welcome Back Samantha aka “Temptress Phoenix” congrats on your 2nd MOLLBABE model feature with us, as this one is truly special as it’s our OCTOBER MONTH cover, how does it feel and what’s the emotions you’re going through right now? 

Thank you I’m super ecstatic to be featured again in this amazing magazine and oh wow, this time on the cover as the cover model for October Month… just exciting

Today’s cover feature is a truly a unique one as this concept was set with a GOTH DARK ANGEL theme and feel to it, what makes this photo shoot you did so unique in your mind…share with us your thoughts?

This concept comes naturally to me as I’m a Gothic /Alternative kind of lady! Always has been my lifestyle apart from being a biker as well. So, it’s a lot of planning and also the props/ headpiece & wings were made by myself personally for this shoot…

so, my own personal touch was added, which I am very proud of.

How did the planning for this shoot between you, Ina and Arne all came together please share?

The planning between us came along in a go as we work well together and plan fast but very set and a lot of dedication went into this from us all.

Ina, for you as a photographer what is the best advice you can share with us regarding doing a photo shoot outdoors, give us 3 vocal points you focused on the most doing your first cover shoot with us at MOLLMAGSA?  

A) The best advice I can share with you regarding shooting outdoors is the following:

The light conditions are very important and according to your light conditions you will know how to set up your camera settings. This is when you are shooting natural light. For this shoot we are shooting natural light for the effect of what we want to create.

We want to create a Black Goth Angel effect with lots of black contrasts. The time of day we shoot is very important and that is why we are shooting after 17h00 to create this look.

B) The location and surroundings are also very important to you and it creates the atmosphere. For this shoot we must focus on natural elements like the trees, leaves, rocks, sun, wind, the water and the clouds, if it is overcast. Work with your natural elements that creates the surroundings in which you do the photo shoot.

With this shoot you also focus on the model and how she presents herself and poses for the camera to create this Black Goth Angel theme we had in mind. Working with such an experienced model, she knows exactly her poses and what is expected of her to create this look.

C) Then you also focus in the eye of the model closes to you because the eyes tell a million story and is the main focus point. But with all this said and done, shooting outdoors is totally opposite from shooting indoors.

With shooting outdoors,you have limitless possibilities at your disposal to create the most amazing photos.

Ina as a photographer what makes photography so a true huge passion for you that you love the most, please explain? 

Photography is my true huge passion in life and it helps me to escape reality and create something that is memorable, and that will last forever.

What is the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned in life? 

Samantha aka “Temptress Phoenix” – Always stay true to yourself…We were born to be real not to be perfect! “Kindness is the essence of greatness.”

Photographer Ina – This is a difficult question, because I have learned so many… But for me it is to never ever give up.

October month is here what’s the one thing on your to do list this month that’s truly special to you and that you want to do as a person, share with us? 

Samantha aka “Temptress Phoenix” – I’m a wildflower of a lady, that just loves to be & play outdoors so usually riding motorbikes is my thing…Clear skies mean it’s time to go out on the road and ride our motorbikes.

And also, almost anything that means I can spend quality time with my amazing friends & family…people close to my heart. Yes, I’m a mother to an amazing little 2-year-old boy, my son is my whole world.

Photographer Ina – October month is special to me because on the 10th of October it is worldwide Mental Health Awareness day and I am doing a Mental Health Awareness shoot for a model friend of mine that suffers from a Mental illness and we want to create awareness that is not a shame or a stigma.

If you get to win the Lottery today what will you do with the winnings? 

Samantha aka “Temptress Phoenix” – Well if I was as lucky to actually win the lottery, I’d do a number of few things with the winnings, buy a big 4×4 for my hubby & a new car for myself, invest some money & put away for my son’s studies…

also take a nice looong holiday with my hubby and son to an exotic getaway and just chill.


Photographer Ina – When I win the lottery I will donate as much as I can to animal shelters because I love animals. I will also give to the under privileged children.

I would also like to start projects to empower and help abused women and children. Then if I have any money left, I will travel the world and take photos of almost everything… 

It’s time for some R&R… where would your perfect getaway vacation spot be and how will you spend that quality time? 

Samantha aka “Temptress Phoenix” – Perfect getaway spot for me would be Bora Bora & would simply just spend it with my hubby & son…family and quality time and much needed rest for the mind and soul!

Photographer Ina – My perfect getaway will be the Kruger National Park. I will spend it with good friends over a braai, bonfires and great conversations. I will also take thousands of photos of the animals and at night sitting outside listening to the sounds of animals and looking at the stars.

Quote of the Day that inspires you to be the best that you can be in daily life please share with us  

 Samantha aka “Temptress Phoenix” – Desire is born once fear dies! A strong woman accepts both compliments & criticism graciously, knowing that it takes both, sun & rain for a flower to grow!”  

Photographer Ina – The movie the Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie and is all about human perseverance and in life when I feel like giving up, I always remember the beautiful quote in the movie

” You either start living or you start dying”. This reminds me that you must live your life to the fullest and make the best of everyday.