Get your tan on it’s swimsuit time… our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA October Swimwear Special Edition is here, time to relax enjoy the summer sun and make every day a swimsuit kinda day…

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Swimsuit fun in the sun with styles and smiles to warm-up those sunshine days we all are bound to love, as we introduce our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA October month “Swimwear Special Edition Cover model aka Lydia Collinge and the talented international photographer Rod Capon, as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview them today – “The Swimwear Golden Goddess”

Welcome back Lydia, how does it feel to be back again for another MOLLBABE feature after such a long time? 

It feels absolutely amazing I am so happy to be back again. This is one of my favorite magazines MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.

After your last cover with us which was back in SEPTEMBER 2017 aka a real #flashback moment… tell us how much have you grown as a model in this though industry personally to this very day, what has changed for you?  

I have had much more of a great opportunity to work with new professional photographers this year and connect with a lot more people to pursue my goals. I have been since featuring a lot more in other international magazines, did photo shoots, advertising, clothing lines, and more website features…

I am now an Actress as a gaming character plus my new singing career is out there now as well. I have also set up my own website out there and made my own merchandise shop that I am very excited about in 2019 so far.

You’ve done many projects and photo shoots in a small space of time …Who is your favorite photographer to work with and why? 

 I wouldn’t say I have a favorite… I believe all photographers out there are amazing too in their work / own unique way and style of photography they do.  I love connecting worldwide so I can travel to see them one day for more opportunities.

Nadia is one lately from Masterstudios, that I’ve connected with recently…she knows how to capture amazing shots I love it she knows how to make me feel comfortable as well AND also to train me with more amazing poses.

I also had one amazing photographer come out from Sydney to Brisbane to shoot with me aka Rod Capon (That did the photo shoot for today’s MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL COVER FEATURE for OCTOBER 2019) I also recommend his work to anyone and everyone…

” He’s kind friendly he helps me with poses and teaches you new ways to capture amazing shots he does not rush you… gives you all great shots makes it worth the day I was so happy working with him.”

What was the moment in this photo shoot feature that stood out the most for you take us behind the scenes #BTSmoment? 

I thought it was really beautiful to see all the colored plants come out around spring time and to have my first photo shoot by the swimming pool instead of a studio. I also had my black big swan with me I brought too in the pool.

To eat my fruit… to wear my gold sparkling bikini I LOVE SO MUCH. It certainly was a good day and lots of fun and to have the amazing photographer (ROD CAPON) come out all that way to do a photo shoot with me #BESTDAYEVER very blessed.

You also recently released a music single… and want to pursue a career in music as well… tell us a bit more about that? 

I have been singing since the age of five on stage I have also done karaoke parties, pubs AND weddings. I now thought to myself one day I wanna get my song out there and I am going to write it too get it out there for all to hear worldwide

And finally, I have now… It’s been released it made a few radio stations this year in Sydney, Italy, UK and I will be submitting to more I am now connected in the music industry for big stuff already.

SOCIAL MEDIA is a big thing these days… we want to know which social platform or app is your favorite to use and why? 

It would be FACEBOOK because I connect with my work there for big opportunities. I have my fan page as well where all my fans are so I’ll be on there too. INSTAGRAM is getting very popular now these days I am there now for opportunities to work also… plus you can find me on YOUTUBE and also TWITTER.

In your own words in one sentence describe the meaning behind today’s feature with you aka “THE GOLDEN GODDESS EFFECT” 

“Swimming Pool Spring / Summer Model Bikini Golden Sparkle Goddess”


FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE AT THE MOMENT? –I prefer FOXTEL NETWORK here in Australia, there’s a whole bunch and huge variety of movies to choose from that I like. 

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING IN THE WORLD TODAY WHAT WOULD THAT BE? –World peace for sure…Just a better happy positive world for us all to live in.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY – “Stay strong and positive one step at a time.”

WHATS ON YOUR BUCKET-LIST FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER? – October is going to be exciting more opportunities… I also can’t wait very excited for you all to see my cover girl feature interview for this month’s MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION… enjoy and thank you all.