Swimwear Beauty is the topic of today as we introduce to you all for our OCTOBER 2019 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Swimwear Special Issue – Brittany Monette together with Brian Wright Photography today.


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photography by Brian Wright Photography on instagram at @bwright242 


Bringing poolside swimwear beauty to your doorstep as our CEO Arne Schreuder talks to newest MOLLBABE model aka Brittany Monette that is struttin’ her beauty today in our OCTOBER month Swimwear Special alongside Photographer Brian Wright.

Brittany is a free spirit, but also know how and when to work hard when its time to do so…she loves to model as its an outlet and art she’s incredibly focused on right now… lets find out more about this amazing lady.

Welcome Brittany, congrats on your feature with us for OCTOBER 2019… how does it feel to be featured today what’s your first reaction share with us? 

It feels amazing! I am grateful for the opportunity to be featured, as I’m very excited. This was a fun shoot and I’m so happy MOLLMAGSA chose to feature it this month!

A short intro what makes Brittany who she is today as a person and where do you reside from?  

I am a bit of a free spirit and reside from the Gulf Coast Mississippi USA! ,but know how to work hard when it’s time. I am a psychology major and would like to work in the field of neuroscience one day.

“I love to model! It’s truly an outlet and art to me and something I am incredibly focused on right now.”

Those interests and the people in my life make me who I am today!

How did you get discovered as a model Brittany and what is it about modeling that intrigues you the most about it?

I did some runway and few photo shoots back when I was fifteen years old. I stopped modeling for a bit, but really missed it.  So, I contacted Brian and we started shooting! I absolutely love Brian and the work he does, so I have been very happy with our shoots thus far.

The most intriguing thing about modeling to me are all the factors that go into capturing a “good shot.” I love that lighting, angles, and the movements of the model and photographer are all important to getting a great photo! Plus, it’s a lot of fun!!!

From a Photographer’s eye Brian, what’s the qualities of Brittany as a model that stands out the most for you? 

Besides the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous she is eager to learn her craft. We have become great friends in the short time we have known each other.

“She is a beautiful person inside and out.”

Your favorite fashion icon Brittany and why? 

Jacqueline Onassis is a fashion icon for me. I don’t dress in her style of fashion… however, she was so poised and elegant.

Her attitude and confidence were impressive regardless of her responsibilities as a first lady or her personal life issues. “Fashion trends change often, but confidence and grace are forever.” 

Brittany share with us your favorite moment of today’s photo shoot feature what is the one thing that will stand out the most for you of this SWIMWEAR shoot and feature today? 

Probably the waterfall wall that we shot at. That was a lot of fun and the water had a great effect on the photo.



FAVORITE MOVIE YOU’VE WATCHED RECENTLY? – Well it’s getting closer to Halloween, so I had to watch Hocus Pocus! Never gets old!

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY – “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” 

SHARE WITH US YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? –WOW… there is so many I’m a bit embarrassed to name them all, but here goes: I love Chocolate, Tacos and Bubble Baths…“Life is too short not to!”  

THE ONE THING THAT GRABBED YOUR ATTENTION ABOUT MOLLMAGSA SHARE WITH US? – The magazine is beautifully done. I love how MOLLMAGSA promotes their MOLLBABE models… and finally I’m also now part of that “wink wink” #soblessed 

WHAT MADE YOU LAUGH OR GAVE YOU AN OMG MOMENT TODAY…SHARE?  – I tripped and almost fell on the stair climber the other day at the gym!… I’m very clumsy! (laughing) 

SPORT TEAM YOU CHEER FOR? – The New Orleans Saints!! Who dat, baby! 

ZODIAC SIGN – I’m a Pisces girl! At heart