Today we look at ” The Art of Portrait Photography” with a Summer Twist… as we chat to international Photographer Tarerus Moore as he gives us more on his Photography Journey as a Photographer.


photography by Tarerus Moore Photography on instagram at @tarerus

make-up done by @penyacolor also on facebook

photo retouch done by @zoya_retoucher also on facebook


We focus today in our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA October 2019 issue –  on “The Art of Portrait Photography” as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat done to chat with International Photographer Tarerus Moore , as we find out more about what made Tarerus Moore Photography an household name in the international photography world of today, as Tarerus gives us a inside look into his passion he lives and breathes to make a positive change in the world we live in today and for the future ahead.

Welcome Tarerus congrats on your October month feature with us, how do you feel explain?

“Like a man who has been to the mountain top and back and boy do I have a story to tell!”

How and where did the passion for photography start, explain in a short paragraph? 

In simple I wanted to model myself back in the day… and paid for a photo shoot, the photographer I booked gave me horrible direction and the photo shoots were not good for from the day

“So, I taught myself how to shoot so people didn’t have to go through what I went through back in the day.” 

Your Journey as a photographer had some ups and down’s to where you find yourself today, give us the story behind that please? 

Well this year was a challenge as a light weighter due to the fact I was hit by a car while crossing the street, I suffered a broken leg and was hospitalized for 3 months and had a few surgeries which caused me to push back a lot of projects and turn down a lot of opportunity,

but you know what they say you can’t keep a good guy down.

Every photographer’s project or photo has a story behind it …. for today’s feature with you what’s your story behind this photo shoot / submission for us today please share? 

For this shoot I wanted to do a portrait series that showcase Black Luxury and sister-hood bringing together some of the most influential models in Chicago for one of the most eye-catching photo shoots but there was a catch…

 “I only wanted to use 1 light with my camera, during the photo shoot… so it truly was a challenge in itself.”

In photography some photographers have a mentor they look up to in doing their work or want to achieve in their work, whom is your mentor you looked up to back in the day and why? 

This question is truly bringing back some #flashbackmoments from memory lane back in the day… As for a mentor I would have to say:  Italian photographer’s Fabio Berg and Davide dv Vetatsennie

  • Fabio Berg – who is like family really help me find myself when I first started shooting, I really loved the relationship he had with his model in is work which was very romantic and elegant that really rubbed off on me.
  • Davide dv Vetatsennie – was someone that blew my mind, the way he used light and shadows to create emotions’ and his concepts would push boundaries during his time

 “Those men are truly profound.”

Your top 3 moments you achieved as an international photographer you are most proud of share with us? 

A) Being published in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA is a great milestone in itself for me, it opens a lot of doors and creates a lot of opportunity. 
B). Using my platform to raise money for underfunded schools and providing supplies for students in Africa was a major accomplishment for me as well. 
C). Then meeting and shooting for Nick Cannon and Paramount pictures for the “I am MLK jr documentary” … that was one of the most humbling experiences for me. 


What’s your most trusted equipment you shoot with?Oh, now that’s a good question! Canon 50mm,85mm, 18-135 or my go to lenses of choice, along with my newer vision version 4 flash and a reflector oh yeah and not forgetting the nd filters.

Your most favorite genre of photography and why?“Portrait Photography”- Portrait Photography is where I dominate it allows me to capture a person’s soul and show a side of the person that the world has never seen.

“While also having the pleasure to explore different types of light and concepts allowing me to create my own world.” 

Most trusted Computer Photography software you need or use to function in this field successfully when it comes to editing your photo shoot set or projects? – Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are a must have when it comes to my editing style.

For you as a photographer what’s the golden rule you follow in your profession to keep the model or client you have a satisfied customer in the end please share? – Be straight forward from start to finish about what you can and can’t do as a photographer and be choosy about who you take as a client,

“And make sure they are enthusiastic about being involved in the process and you should have no problems keeping them satisfied.”

Other than Photography when you’re not behind the lens snapping pictures and creating picturesque moments for a lifetime, what else would we find you do to relax aka hobbies? 

Honestly, I love spending time with my son and cooking for him… I also like traveling to the spa, and Love going out to eat and catching a movie.