For today’s feature we bring back the “Touch of Glam” as we keep it local and South African as we introduce newest MOLLBABE model of the day aka Danielle Terror along with JJ Photography SA for our October issue of 2019


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photography by JJ Photography SA on instagram | facebook | website

mua / Make-Up by Tasha Makeover


A South African feel to a “Touch of Glam” today as we introduce to you all, newest mollbabe babe of the day model aka Danielle Terror, this blond beauty has a passion for modeling and is also studying hard to become an veterinarian one day, as she loves animals especially…horses.

Modeling is also her other true passion in life as she uses modeling to express herself in whom she truly is in life, plus its also a BIG DREAM of Danielle is to become Miss SOUTH AFRICA and the winner of Top Model South Africa in the future. So lets find out a bit more…

Welcome Danielle and Jonathan ( JJ Photography SA ) how does it feel to be featured today what’s your first reaction share with us? 

Model Danielle – I feel so much enthusiasm inside of me to be featured in MOLLMAG SA, therefore I just want to thank you for giving me this breathtaking opportunity.

“I am truly grateful for it. It has always been a dream of mine to be featured in an international magazine like this one.” 

JJ Photography SA – Good day, firstly I would like to thank MOLLMAG USA and MOLLMAG SA for the opportunity for letting us be a part of the October Issue,

“It’s been a long journey for me and I am very excited for the future being featured in MOLLMAG SA it’s a dream come true thank you.” 

Danielle give us a short intro to whom you are and where you reside from?  

My name is Danielle Boshoff, but my model name AKA Danielle Terror. I’m 22 years old and I am from Walkerville, Vereeniging South Africa. My hobbies are horseback-riding, dancing and modeling. I am at the moment busy studying Animal Health through UNISA,

“The reason why I am studying this, is because I want to become a veterinarian one day to help all animals in need.”

JJ Photography SA doing this photo shoot with Danielle, from a photographer’s point of view what was the focus points you focused on with Danielle as the model? 

To showcase the beauty between a woman and the beautiful venue backdrop that was hosted and provided by Misty Hills Country Hotel, we got handed the pool location of this amazing venue… and trust me there is so much more to do at this location.

I would love to go back and shoot again, and I’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot at this beautiful venue for many years, and finally I got the opportunity to do my dream photo shoot with the beautiful model Danielle Boshoff, alongside make-up artist Natasha Roberto from Tasha Makeover.

Danielle what is it about modeling that makes it so interesting and fun for you?

That I can just be myself and can do creative exotic shoots which makes modeling fun for me. What makes modeling interesting for me is, that it can be challenging as you don’t always get what you want but, in the end, it makes me stronger by not giving up on my dreams,

Because one of my biggest dreams one day in the future is becoming Miss SOUTH AFRICA and the winner of Top model South Africa in the future.

What’s the one thing in fashion that will never go out of style in your opinion? 

JJ Photography SA as a Photographer – Well for me I think fashion never dies… it just evolves and becomes more beautiful.

 And how the outfits fit the models to shoot with is amazing I just love how everyone has their own style and that is make them so unique.” 

Danielle as a model – One thing in fashion that will never go out of style for me is unique exotic dress-up costume ideas.

Let’s geek out and relax, what would we find you doing when you’re not modeling as a model and not busy snapping photos for projects or clients?

Danielle as a model – Definitely Horse-riding, i enjoy doing Horse-riding by competing in Show-jumping shows and events, doing Basic Dressage-Shows and just riding for fun to make me relax, 


“As my horses are my happy place…. also, then spending time with all my animals on the farm.”

I also love reading mythical books and go boating with my family as well on the weekends plus go dancing with my friends. 

JJ Photography SA as a photographer –Well on my free time if I get any that is, I like to go play a few rounds of Golf with the lads…   or just simply get in to the Gym, or I go away with the family to take a small mini family vakay trip, you only have one life so enjoy every moment of it and try something new and if you don’t like it

“You will know for the next time life is full of adventure you just got to try take it in and enjoy life.”


FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE AT THE MOMENT? – How to train your dragon – The Hidden World”. Starring Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, F. Murray Abraham

 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY  As I love my horses and animals so much… this quote is so much fitting to how I live life.

 “Live boldly and bloom, by taking small fearless hoof steps in the direction of your dream.” 

SHARE WITH US YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? – I still enjoy watching animae and cartoons even though I am an adult, I absolutely love to watch it!

 FAVORITE CHART-TOPPING MUSIC TRACK YOU CAN JAM OUT AFTER A HECTIC DAY? – R&B, 90’s, 80’s, House music and my favorite of course is Afrikaans music, but my decision would be: “Meduza-Piece of your heart (ft. Goodboys)


  • To Dress-up for Halloween and invite friends over to watch Horror movies.
  • A Night out, to go do some dancing at “Weiveld”.
  • To do a Halloween photo shoot.
  • Change my hair color to blue to fit in with the Halloween theme.
  • To attend the “Haunted Forests” event at Riversands village in SOUTH AFRICA