Today is all about the ” Beauty Within factor” aka the Aphrodite Effect this month that oozes , beauty within ourselves and the passion and love we portray it with.


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Photography by @zairiacayson also on website | twitter | facebook

MUA done by Jessie Gomez on facebook and on instagram


Beauty Queen within with a splash of elegance that’s how we portray the Aphrodite Effect today as MOLLBABE feature for our November Issue for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA aka Stacey Rios is transformed into the Beauty Queen Greek Goddess ” Aphrodite” through the visions of Zairia’s Photography alongside Makeup Artist Jessie Gomez, as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s them to find out more…

Welcome Stacey and Sarah from Zairia’s Photography tell us how do you feel what’s the emotion you’re going through knowing your featured in our NOVEMBER issue for 2019? 

Zairia’s Photography – I’m very excited and honored to be featured in your wonderful magazine. 

Model Stacey – I’m very excited to be featured with my MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA family! It feels like coming home #feelingloved

Sarah what would you say is the message you want to portray to the world with your Photography Editorial you did with Stacey in today’s feature for us? 

I wanted to turn Stacey into a modern beauty version of the beautiful “Grecian Greek goddess Aphrodite.”

Stacey what is the one thing of Zaria’s Photography that stands out the most for you, being that you’ve did some interesting projects and shoots together this year so far? 

“Her vision & ability to make it a reality!”

Zaria & stylist Jessie Gomez are really organized & talented. You walk into a set with multiple complicated looks and walk out with really beautiful finished products.

November month is here share with us your upcoming projects you are going to be doing? 

Zairia’s Photography (photography wise) – Christmas is my favorite time of year. I will be doing Christmas pinups and Winter Beauty photography. Stacey and I have already done ours. They will be posted on Facebook and Instagram the beginning of December.

Stacey model / musician wise – I will be playing many shows as guitarist /singer & multi-instrumentalist for a St. Louis based band called A.D.D.  As well as writing for an ongoing original project!

We (Zairia, Jessie & I) also just finished shooting for  all /Halloween & winter/Christmas, which I am very excited to share soon! 

Sarah (Zairia’s Photography) tell us, What’s the best / worst thing about being a female photographer in the job that you do as a photographer? list 3 best things and 3 worst things?


A) The concepts I’ve put together come out as I planned. I work with an amazing makeup artist that helps bring my visions to life.

B) I enjoy working with different people and models.

C) Making a woman feel good about herself and showing her how beautiful she is.


A) I’ve put concepts together and they don’t come out as I envisioned them.

B) Networking.

C) Models coming unprepared or showing up late.

Stacey to be a “Beauty Queen Within” what does that statement mean to you in your own words please explain? 

I love the term “Beauty Queen Within” because I believe beauty starts on the inside. What makes us all Beauty Queens Within is finding our uniqueness & confidence within ourselves.


To unwind and relax after a busy day what would that entail Stacey? – I love baths & showers, skin brushing is very therapeutic & great for circulation & calming. I also love spending time with loved ones & playing piano is very calming to me. 

Favorite Movie or NETFLIX Series at the moment?  –  AHS & Stranger Things! I also love searching classic horror or Thriller movies at this time of year. Everything from the classics like Night of the Living Dead to all the Rob Zombie movies, Shaun of the Dead…I could talk about movies forever lol. 

If you could own a super power what would that be and why? – I would want to fly, like Superman. I’ve always had dreams I could fly…& I love wearing wings. 

What would you say is your favorite dance move to bust out on the dancefloor? – Oh, whatever is fun lol dancing, to me, is all about joy & being in the moment. I actually do some gogo dancing & have such a blast working with the other dancers & wearing the cool costumes, any chance to perform!  

But it always goes back to fun for me. 

Which Charity out there is dearest and closest to your heart you care about a lot? – Animals! Sometimes I walk shelter dogs, or help relocate animals to new homes. I love them all, big & small. 

Being A Musician yourself… Which musician / music artist in the past inspired you to take up music as a profession Stacey? – Wow, so many, & at different times… 

my first inspirations were classical music & then the Beatles & Elton John, stuff my family listened to. I’ve been to many concerts & as an adult every time I see St. Vincent, I get inspired to take a different approach to music or performance.  I love her music & I always leave her performances motivated to play or try something new.

Hidden talents – I tie a shoe lace bow with my toes  

Your Guilty Pleasure in life? – Ice cream! I easily take down a pint of ice cream 3 or more times a week! 

Inspirational Quote for the Day please share? – “The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30.” Lorne Michaels