In Today’s editorial feature we focus on the Beauty and Vision Black & White Photography brings to the canvas. As we introduce newest MOLLBABE model South African  Courtneigh Sinead alongside the talented photographer Songi Langeni Photography….

So yes today is all about LOCAL talent that South Africa has to offer the Photography and modeling world of today.


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Photography by @songilangeniphotography also on facebook | twitter | website


Known as Court or “The Underwater Mermaid of Africa” aka this homegrown beauty Courtneigh Sinead from South Africa loves the idea of mermaids magic and unicorns… In her own words Courtneigh told us the following…

that she craves depth and loves the ocean. She also has a huge passion for art and more.
Our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder recently interviewed her as Courtneigh showcases today as our MOLLBABE model of today in our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA November issue 2019 , as she and Photographer Songi Langeni makes their visions of Photography modeling and art a true show piece today.

Welcome Courtneigh, How do you feel being part of our MOLLMAGSA November 2019 issue? 

I feel incredibly excited to finally be a part of the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, MOLLMAG USA AND MOLLMAG AUSTRALIA family. Been wanting this for some time now to be honest so yay!… Thank you so much.

What is it about modeling for you that makes it so fun and interesting for yourself? 

“I love that I can be my own canvas and channel different versions of myself. It’s REALLY an awesome feeling. “

Where and how did the passion for modeling all start for you? 

My passion for modeling started when I was very young. I’ve always loved having an audience. Growing up I did drama and dancing, so modeling just followed very naturally. 

I was about 9 years old when I started entering competitions and pageants, after that the rest is history. 

Being South African …. What part of your culture are you most proud of? 

Most thing I am proud of when it comes to our culture has to be the food…  #Ilovefood

What achievement are you proud of but most people would consider silly or weird? 

Super proud that I finally pierced my tatas… and then on a more serious note I am so proud of myself for being one of the few underwater models out there in Africa. So again, yay me!! 


Favorite Movie you’ve seen recently? – Would hands down be The Joker (2019) starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro and Zazie Beetz. 

Favorite food dish you enjoy making or eating? – I enjoy seafood like you won’t believe and then my mom’s biryani will forever be number 1 

Your Celeb Crush? – So, there’s a few crushes but I’m sure once I list them you guys will understand why… Idris Alba, Tom Hardy, Rihanna, Zendaya and last but not least Ian Somerhalder 

Words of Inspiration you live your life by each day … please share? – “Be fearless even when all you can feel is fear. Well behaved women don’t make history baby set the world on fire.”