It’s the Month of November and this month and season its a splash of summer fever fun and beauty galore as we introduce to you all our Miss November 2019 cover model / cover girl as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO give you some inside interesting facts as he interview’s Lonnie Alex alongside Photographer Warren M Eckstein


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Photography by Warren M Eckstein on instagram @all_warren also on facebook and website


Our November 2019 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA cover model today is all about “Creativity that’s the name of the Game” and that is aka Lonnie Alex

As she showcases today in our cover feature alongside the talented MASTER CLASS international renown photographer Warren M Eckstein… sit back and enjoy as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more what makes #MissNovember2019 Lonnie Alex that super duper awesome and a amazing woman and character that she is.

Welcome Lonnie and Warren Congrats on your November Cover Model feature, tell us how do you feel? 

Photographer Warren – It’s a true honor to be back again for another international cover for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. 

Model Lonnie – I’m super hyped!  Thank you so much!  This is my first cover and I’m so happy and appreciative! And thank you Warren for making it happen too!

Warren please describe model Lonnie Alex in your own words? 

I met Lonnie Alex several years ago, whilst I was visiting Las Vegas.  I was scouting new faces for my previous Las Vegas publication, and I came across Lonnie’s portfolio.  “I was immediately attracted to her fresh face and her beautiful smile”, and so reached out and, with no long delays or issues, we worked together for the first of 3 times.

To work with her is something special.  

  • She always arrives on time, fully prepared and dedicated to making the most of the time we spend together.   
  • She is responsive and very conscious of the way she models.  
  • She is always excited to do new things, always involved in every look to make sure that we shoot images that appeal to the eyes, and our own genuine tastes, and will work hard to achieve the best. 

It’s why I kept shooting her, because this level of professionalism stands up so strongly.  She’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever know, always cheerful, always open, driven to succeed, but never lets her ambitions get in the way of keeping her as a sweetheart and a special person, as well as an amazing talent.  

“If I had my choice, I would shoot Lonnie over and over, again and again. She’s someone I also am happy to call not only a great model, but a true friend.”

This achievement of seeing her receive this cover/feature means a lot to me.  It’s a great choice, and Lonnie will make MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and the rest of the MOLLMAG FAMILY in SOUTH AFRICA and also in the USA as well as AUSTRALIA proud.  I send my congratulations.

Lonnie what would you say stands out the most for you about Warren’s Photography work he does? 

Color and smiles say it all.  His stuff really pops when you see it on a timeline due to how bright it is.  I also like that he prefers when girls smile in photos.   

There are so many photos on IG with models super sexy and serious and it’s nice to see people actually happy for once.  I was once at a point where every photo I took had that serious sultry look but as an individual I felt that wasn’t the true me.

I appreciated he wanted to capture the authentic me. I also really enjoy the new stuff he’s shooting lately.

Give us a quick inside sneak peek in whom you are Lonnie and where you reside from? 

Lonnie Alex is my name and Creativity is my Game…I am Energetic and driven from since I was young, 

In my early years my parents enrolled me in magnet schools where I took classes in theater, writing, singing, and dancing. Since getting my BA in Theater Acting for the Camera from The University of Las Vegas, I’ve been nonstop pursuing my career.  I worked on several motion pictures movies, TV series, commercials, print ads, and more… 

My passion burns bright like a star and give it my all into every project I do and take on.

Lonnie you’re also a successful INTERNATIONAL screen writer, movie and tv show actress, dancer and model, we would like to know what and how do you keep yourself humble and level grounded at the same time when you find yourself in the celebrity spotlight? 

Well, I guess I still don’t really feel like a celebrity. Sometimes I run into people who know me and I really do feel happy and shocked.  Like, “wow, I appreciate you for following me and caring,” ya know?  By the way, anyone who likes, shares, etc., I really do appreciate you!     

Overall, I just try to keep busy and stay creative.   But even if I did feel like a “celeb celeb”, I doubt I would be a  snob about it. “There’s no need to look down on others no matter what level you’re on.” 

This cover feature is all about “SUMMER FEVER” what is it about summer season you enjoy the most personally Lonnie? 

2 words… Bikinis and the heat.  –   “I’m not a super fan of cold weather and after all I’m ready for it to be sunny outside again. “ 


Movies and TV shows you recently starred in Lonnie please list them? 

  • Party Bus to Hell (Horror Movie) 
  • Social Girl (TV Series) 
  • Complete or Repeat (Movie)  
  • To Topple an Empire (Movie) 
  • Not A Care in The World  
  • +9 Lives 
  • The Trap 


 To unwind and relax after a busy day what would that entail for you Lonnie? – Watching youtube and then maybe at night playing League of Legends – PC GAMING with my friends. 

Which Movie Actor or Actress you recently worked with on a project / on set, would you say is the funniest and most fun to work or be around with Lonnie? – Hmmm.  That’s hard.  There’s this cool actor/director in Vegas named Roberto Raad, and I’ve never had a bad time on set when working with him and his people.   

They’re super fun!  I also recently started working with some peeps to make online comedy content on a page called Wait What Comedy run by Steve Royall and he’s been super awesome!  

#ShoutOut to my homie Zach for introducing them to me as well.  He’s also a super fly dancer/singer/actor as well. 

If you could own a super power what would that be and why? – Manipulating gravity.  I could use it to fly, crush things, be a human version of a Super Saiyan.   It’d be awesome.  At least how it works in my mind.  Lol A close second is teleportation. 

What would you say is your favorite dance move to bust out on the dancefloor? – Well as I appeared in the Music Video alongside Artist Bruno Mars for the song “24K MAGIC”  

“I am the girl in the gold bikini and cheetah print jacket! in video – “I had such a fun time dancing all night long and getting to watch Bruno’s process. Definitely as a great time.”

Which Charity out there is dearest and closest to your heart you care about a lot? – Honestly, I don’t have a favorite charity, but I do try to donate when opportunities present themselves.  I want to help people and if I have the means I figure why not give back.  I’m not really biased on cause usually.      

Your Guilty Pleasure in life? – At the moment I must say, SpongeBob push pops!  They’re so delicious. 

Inspirational Quote for the Day please share? – “Spread love not hate.”