Its a Boudoir kinda day with a sensual Christmas feel and holiday vibe to it, as we keep that festive feelings glowing with today’s Christmas Boudoir Editorial by the talented Ina Snyman from Ina’s Images for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA December 2019 Christmas Special Edition.


Photography by Ina Snyman from Ina’s Images on | instagram and facebook 

Makeup done by Zandile Vinolia Ngozo at FaceToFaceWithZan

Location sponsor big thank you to Black Olive Guesthouse on | facebook and website


Boudoir is the name and feeling sensual and beautiful is the aim, as today its done with a Christmas theme and feel in mind with all the right ingredients to capture the essence of  “Sensual Beauty with a touch of glam, Sophistication…

with the perfect model, location, makeup artist and photographer and platform to showcase the end results that’s what we call the MILLION DOLLAR snapshot to make it work for today’s MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA ” Christmas Special Edition – Christmas Boudoir feature” alongside Ina’s Images, Face to Face with Zan and our CEO Arne Schreuder.

Welcome Back photographer Ina for yet another feature how does it feel to be featured yet again in such a short space of time and also being part of our DECEMBER 2019 issue? 

It is an honor to be featured again in such a short space of time and I am very excited about the editorial because it is the December edition and it is always a special edition.

Give us a quick run-down on how this editorial and feature and plans came together between you the photographer, the model as well as our CEO Arne Schreuder? 

Me and the CEO Arne Schreuder discussed it almost 2 months ago and we came up with great ideas. We chose the model with care and want to feature a fresh face. We also had the help of a great make-up artist Zandile Vinolia Ngozo.

“So, the whole team was just great and supportive.”

Where did this beautiful photo shoot take place in SOUTH AFRICA? 

We did the shoot in Pretoria in a guest house called Black Olive Guesthouse. 


What was the vocal points you focused on for this shoot particularly? 

We got the amazing red lingerie ordered, and the main focus points was on the model with the stunning and sexy lingerie on. She also did great modeling poses and was not afraid of the camera.  

Most of the poses was done in the guest house lovely bedroom that was booked and everything was just running smoothly. 

It’s the festive time of season what’s your FESTIVE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT message to people, followers and friends and family out there, please share? 

Please be safe during this festive season and love each other and enjoy the spirit of giving without expecting anything in return.

“This season is all about love and cherishing each other.”

Share with us your Christmas Wish for this year and season? 

My wish will be that everyone must be happy and feel loved. Visit the lonely and help each other. Kindness doesn’t cost anything.

Any words and last thoughts on your mind today you want to share with us Ina? 

I just want to say thank you for Arne Schreuder for all his hard and great work he and the team puts in into every edition and making a success of each edition. (A TRUE INSPIRATION TO MANY OF US) I also want to thank him for this great opportunity to be featured again,

“And lastly let the MOLL MAGAZINE brand in SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA and USA all continue to grow …for the empire it is for today and the future ahead for many years to come!”

,because I am so proud and honored to also be a part of the #MOLLMAGFAMILY which we are.