Its time for Gift Giving in the name of peace and joyful cheer A time to enjoy it with the nearest and dearest to our hearts aka our families and best friends, Its time to Sing along those Christmas carols and enjoy the festive times together in love and laughter… As Christmas time and the Holiday Season is upon us all this December 2019


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Photography by @iamlana.elyse from @glambrandphoto

Festive Season is here and its time to spread the love and joyful cheer for all Season of “Gift Giving” may it be small or big its not the size in the present that matters the most but the idea behind and meaning behind the presents this year… and yes being with one’s family in this time of year is and should be the best gift of all this Christmas… spending it together with the people , best friends and family we all love and care about the most.

So today we have our own take on ” SANTA IS COMING TO TOWN” – MAN OF STYLE as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews our Christmas Holiday Special edition Cover model Eustaquiano Hunt alongside photographer / model and business woman aka Lana Elyse owner of GlamBrandPhoto

Welcome back Eustaquiano and Lana for yet another men’s cover feature, tell us how does it feel to end the year of 2019 off on a high note so to speak? 

Eustaquiano – To end the year in this fashion, feels great yet again. It’s a feeling of great accomplishment!! 

Lana Photographer – It feels amazing! I’m always happy for new features, especially to close out a great year. 

Eustaquiano explain to us in your own words what does the spirit of Christmas mean to you personally? 

As a child it meant “Santa Clause!! TOYS and GAMES!” Lol! Of course, now that I’m older, the spirit of Christmas is more about giving back and spending time with family and friends, the ones you hold dear to your heart… 

What’s the most wonderful gift you could receive or give someone this festive season Eustaquiano, please share? 

Make these Bill’s go away!! That’s a gift worth receiving and or gifting to someone else!! Lol no seriously… 

“The gift of love and happiness is a gift a lot of people wish for every day. The one thing people push hard to find, and to feel.” That’s the perfect gift…

Your Christmas wish this year to the world out there, share with us? 

Lana Photographer – I wish everyone can be happy and healthy, and I wish we could all be better to one another. 

Eustaquiano – My Christmas wish to the world would have to be, “Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!”


It’s time to look back at the YEAR of 2019 what was the most memorable moment for you? 

Eustaquiano – Looking back at my 2019 year, I would say my most memorable moments would be…. every passing day!! I value my life, and cherish every passing minute. No wasted time, and no regrets, just lessons, and experiences.  

The good days and bad days are all memories that I keep with me. I learned every day, I’m not perfect but I wake up every day with a fresh start…  

People say you only live once. I say, “You live Every day, and you die once” 

Lana Photographer – My most memorable moment this year was getting the keys to my photography studio!