The year of 2019 is coming close to the end and its time to reveal our 2020 MOTY as well as our December 2019 month MOLLMAGSA cover model with the Appealing charm, style attractive looks inside and outside ” Mind , Body and Soul” with the beautiful Alba Felix alongside Pixyst Photography and our CEO Arne Schreuder


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Photography by David Apeji from @pixyst also on facebook | twitter | website

Appealing charm, attractive looks and mind blowing style when you put this lady in front of a camera lens, as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA December 2019 cover model as well as 2020 MOTY Alba Felix beauty makes everyone stand up and take note, because her beauty is not just from the outside but shines from the inside

” BEAUTIFUL MIND, BODY , HEART AND SOUL”. That’s what Alba Felix is all about and that’s why she is our Model of the Year. Our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with both Alba and international Photographer David Apeji from Pixyst to find out more…

Welcome Back Alba congrats on being our Covergirl for December month for MOLLMAGSA how do you feel about it? 

Gracias – Thank you so much everyone it’s a true blessing I feel so thankful today to be chosen as the cover girl for DECEMBER MONTH, what an amazing year it has been Besos.

You are also chosen as our MODEL OF THE YEAR for 2020 how do you feel about that as well Alba? 

Wow I’m lost for words the feeling is indescribable so so thankful, and a BIG SHOUTOUT words of thanks to the amazing Arne for making it happen for me and always supporting me and helping me through my career… Arne you are the BEST EVER thank you for always believing in me and standing by my side every step of the way.

As well as to the phenomenal David Apeji from Pixyst, your photography and professionalism is top class, cannot ask for more.

This cover shoot had a summer swimwear feel to it alongside Photographer David Apeji from Pixyst, explain to us Alba what is it about David’s photography that makes it so amazing to work with him on set?

Me and Arne discussed the shoot and look we wanted for the cover for a very long time and that it should showcase my best looks and classy style when it comes to SWIMWEAR FOR SUMMER and the fact that my favorite genre of photo shoots I do is SWIMWEAR… 

I also followed a very strict gym and fitness routine this year to get me in the best of swimwear summer shape I have ever been, as Arne kept me on track even when times got hard… he never gave up on me and gave me motivation on a daily basis 

“Then I decided to connect with Photographer David Apeji  and we all 3 worked together getting this shoot done to the best of our ability.”

Also Welcome to you David and congrats on your photo shoot being chosen as our cover feature for MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER 2019 issue, explain to us your feelings and emotions right now being the cover photographer for the month?

I am filled with appreciation for having my work chosen for the cover of this wonderful magazine. It is an opportunity to have my work seen by a more geographically diverse audience, and that can only be a good thing.

“Hopefully, this way people who may not have previously had a chance to see my work will become familiar with it.”

David explain to us and give us a small insight into your photography work which genres do you focus on the most? 

I am what is considered be a generalist, meaning that I shoot a variety of genres. Given the market where I live, this makes economic sense as the job opportunities are spread out over different client types.  

It is suited to my personality too because I have wide variety of visual interests. It is not uncommon for me to shoot automobile, environmental portraiture and fashion all within the same week. I am able to see commonalities between genres and transfer skills from one type of photography to another.

David what would you say from a photographer’s view point, in your opinion what’s the golden rule in photography to follow? 

A) “Under promise and over deliver.” To do that it is necessary to have a clear appreciation for the objectives of the client.  

B) “Set standards at such a level.” That even if you fall short due to unexpected circumstances, you will still end up with a product that your client will love. 

As 2019 comes to a close what would you say was your most memorable moment of the year? 

Alba – That I realized that my driven passion for what I love and what I do in life comes as a blessing each day so make every second and day you have in life the best ever, and when you work hard enough at your dreams and have people in your life that believes in you…  then anything is possible when you put your mind body, heart and soul in to it. 

 Photographer David Apeji – I recently was contracted via a third party to shoot some group photographs a private home in one of the more upscale areas in the state. It was after I was done and processing the images that courtesy of Google, 

I discovered that the owner of the home (and my client) was actually a prominent celebrity in the sports arena. I am not good at recognizing celebrities and he was of course very gracious about it so no offense was taken.