Its all about Fitness today in our fitness editorial feature as we introduce the delectable Beauty Danielle Michelle alongside Photographer Warren M Eckstein for our December 2019 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA feature…

featured model Danielle Michelle at @ms_dblock

Photography by Warren M Eckstein at @all_warren and on website


Fitness today is a chosen lifestyle by many in the world we live in. As we all want to live life to the fit way. It’s then up to us to make that healthy benefit choices to make our mark to live life with a fitness attitude lifestyle.

Time to wake up early to hit the gym and make those squads and lunges do the talking, grab those weights, because it’s time to lift for those striving goals you set yourself for the week.

As today we give you all that daily fitness motivation today with newest December 2019 MOLLMAGSA feature Danielle Michelle alongside Photographer Warren Eckstein and our CEO Arne Schreuder as we all “Commit to Stay Fit” – FITNESS FANTASTIC.

Yes its true as we all sometimes struggle to get motivated to go to gym for that all important fitness sessions for the fitness fanatic in us all… well today we decided to help you all get a little kick-start to that fitness lifestyle way of life and living. #FitnessIsALifestyle of choice.

So that the start to your ambitions of living fit and being fit for 2020 next year, can start right here with our FITNESS EDITORIAL FEATURE today.

First and foremost it all start in the mind… with you and only you as you do it for striving for a goal or just to feel better about yourself, when the mindset is set on what you want to do to achieve and what you want to achieve in life then and only then this will workout so to say… Remember you are your own limit #YourLimitIsYou #EverydayIsAGoodDayToWorkout

“We reckon Today is the Day to get Ya Fitness On…”

To follow are some #FitnessMotovation inspiration sayings that will surely turn on a light-bulb for all of us to get ourselves in that fitness state of mind and fitness lifestyle of living…

“Stop saying tomorrow and lets do it today”

“Train Insane or Remain the same.”

“The only Bad workout is the one you did not do.”