Feeling the festive season fever all around us for this December as today is our next installment of our MOLLMAGSA December 2019 Christmas Special alongside our CEO Arne Schreuder , Lucia B Photography and Corli Carratu


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We getting all our warm gear ready as we are set to travel to the North Pole today in this festive season Christmas Spirit… Yes you heard correctly calling all Santa’s little angel helpers as well as

Santa’s most favorite helper of all aka Mrs. Clause , as Lucia B Photography and MOLLBABE Corli Carratu puts their own interpretation of it together for us in today’s Christmas Special feature for MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER 2019, as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more

Welcome back Corli and Lucia B how does it feel to be part of our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL edition for MOLLMAGSA for 2019? 

Photographer LuciaB – It is always an honor to be part of MOLLMAGSA. And this is no exception.

Lucia, you have been featured a few times now with us alongside Corli , tell us how much have you grown and learn in this past few years in your respected fields as a model and photographer? 

LuciaB as a Photographer – 2019 has been a year of exceptional growth for myself as photographer. I have upgraded my equipment, enrolled in a few editing courses and tried my hand at new and fun techniques and upgraded my branding.   

“So yes, being able to share the new and improved LuciaB Photography is such a great honor and I really hope that it adds just that little sparkle to everybody’s Christmas Joy.”

What was your favorite moment of this specific shoot today which had a Christmas spirit feel to it? 

Photographer LuciaB – In the couple of weeks prior to this shoot I had to think what was the story we are trying to tell.  And in my mind, I was thinking how Santa is always so happy in jovial in a time when the rest of us just want to shut down.  And that is how the sexy Mrs. Clause came to mind.  

And I am sure we can agree that she will put a smile on anyone’s face. This shoot was a bit out of our comfort zone as we love the control we have in studio.  But we did it and pushed our boundaries and had a few laughs along the way.   

“Corli and myself had a lot of shoots together so we just “get” each other.”

Christmas season is here what’s your favorite thing about Christmas and the festive season? 

Photographer LuciaB – What I love about this time of year is the tolerance I experience between people.  Even if there are not LOVE it is a sense of acceptance – a cease fire so to speak.   

We forget the things that irritate us and look forward to the rest and time with loved ones.  We smile at strangers and enjoy the happiness of little ones in in the malls. And we sing along to carols even though we hate Christmas music! 

What would be your Christmas Wish or message to the world out there today please share? 

Photographer LuciaB – For everyone to get along with each other from all walks of life and spread the spirit of peace joy and love all around.