Its all about Sunshine Sensation and Beauty this Summer Season for our DECEMBER MOLLMAGSA 2019 issue today the spotlight is on the all so Charming AKA Chloe Skye alongside Richard Lecoin Photography


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Photography by @richardlecoin_photography

Today is all about sunshine, that summer sensation feelin’ combined with true beauty… this December month that’s exactly the looks and vibes our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe model and ambassador Chloe Skye is portraying and more for our DECEMBER 2019 feature…

Chloe Skye is back once again alongside Photographer Richard Lecoin and our CEO Arne Schreuder, as she’s making waves of beauty this summer season with some sporty swag looks and more, as shes been published this year in multiple magazine features as well as made her mark as a Playboy Playmate and more this year,

so its safe to say 2019 is the year that Chloe Skye shined with Sensation and True Beauty that she is… lets find out more,


Welcome Back Chloe Skye… congrats on yet another sublime feature for you with us today, how does it feel to end off the year in a sporty swag fashion style like this in our DECEMBER issue for 2019? 

To finish the year off with MOLLMAG is tremendously amazing! To actually have my first publication ever with MOLLMAG SA to end it with you guys is such a great feeling.

As this is my 2nd FEATURE with you all this year and I am truly so thankful excited and pleased, all at the same time. None could fathom.


As its Christmas Season what is the most favorite thing for you about this festive season and why? 

Tis’ the season it is, and my favorite thing about the season is… 

“baking tons of Christmas cookies and building gingerbread houses.”


Your ultimate Present / Gift you want to receive or give this festive season? 

The Ultimate gift I would like to give this holiday season is me!…

“Why is because I’m a giver and why not a gift that just keeps on giving.”

Let’s recap… The year of 2019 what was the most special moment of the year for you when you look back at it? 

2019 was a very special year! From my growth to so many opportunities that came my way; but the biggest memory of all was DRIVING cross country (USA) to do a photo shoot! I had the opportunity to see many places I never thought I would!  

So many beautiful small towns to bustling big cities! Driving state to state definitely was a moment for the books!