Today’s vocal point and feature focuses on the empowerment and Beauty of Black African / American heritage  models in today’s world and society and how proud we are to be a platform to showcase this wonderful amazing talent as it is in the upscale growth and diversity it brings to the modeling industry of today.


Featured model Carmen Alexis @carmcan96 

Photography by Tarerus Moore on instagram and facebook

Photo Retouch done by Gunel Gulieva at Gunel Retouch and website

wardrobe by Forever21

The talented Tarerus Moore Photography is back yet again for a sublime look at the summer season Swimwear Portrait Photography trend from Chicago USA, with a blend of African Beauty and flavor to it all. 

 As the saying goes Swimwear Portraits is an art form in itself… as in the words of Photographer Tarerus Moore says the following: “Portrait Photography is where I dominate it allows me to capture a person’s soul and show a side of the person that the world has never seen.” 

 And with Model Carmen Alexis is no exception, because she brings a unique look and beauty to the camera lens which tells a story of strong empowerment of what women can be and are when it comes to one’s heritage, in this case aka black African / American showcasing the beauty it stands for in what we are proud to be…

 In today’s Swimwear Portrait editorial this is the message that’s giving in this beautiful art form of photography which we are so proud to showcase the world and beyond alongside our CEO Arne Schreuder, Tarerus Moore Photography and Model Carmen Alexis in our MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER 2019 MONTH issue.