The Holiday’s is all about family time spending it with the one’s close to you, you care about and love the most and Christmas season is no exception as its time to unwrap our presents to you all with our next Christmas Special featuring Vicky Ramsingh alongside UR IMAGE Photography… 


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Photography by Graham Charles at UR IMAGE Photography on facebook | instagram also on webiste

Hair done by Justin Vos from Style That Travels


Unwrapping one’s Christmas presents on Christmas Day is a feeling we all fell in love with when we were young back in the day, but ultimately when we grow older and wiser we all realize the best gift of all in the festive season is the gift of spending Christmas with our family’s ,best friends ,our loved one’s and one’s we care about the most…

Well today is that day as we unwrap our presents to you all with the gift that keeps on giving in our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA December 2019 Christmas Special edition featuring South African beauty mollbabe model Vicky Ramsingh alongside UR IMAGE Photography and our CEO Arne Schreuder as we find out what makes Christmas so special to Vicky and more…

Welcome Back Vicky Ramsingh… Another feature in the books for you to end off the year on a high note in our DECEMBER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL issue 2019, how do you feel about it? 

I feel amazing about this, I am always so grateful & honored for any of my work to be featured and recognized, but especially I get to end my year with the MOLLMAG / MOLLMAGSA FAMILY.

Let’s make some Christmas wishes come true, what’s your Christmas wish for this festive season and your message to all women young and old? 

Wow I already feel so blessed as is, I think moving forward with my life this year I am just happy to spend another Christmas with my family and knowing we are ending the year feeling hopeful and happy for the next. A holiday would be great to hahaha 

My message to women young and old both would defiantly be to live your life unapologetic-ally. I feel we endure so much already in the world as women,  and that we should be a little more mindful of that towards other women.

“Building strong independent women and breaking generational cycles is very important for the future ahead.”

Favorite thing to do in the festive season in and around SOUTH AFRICA what would be your choice of event or party to attend this festive season? 

When I was small my parents used to throw the most amazing Christmases ever with all our family and friends, and my dad used to dress-up as SANTA. 

“I had some of the most wonderful Christmas memories as a child and I would love to do that again hahaha…”


Favorite Christmas or festive season food dish to enjoy? – It has to be a good roast and lasagna, and of course not forgetting the desert. 

Your ultimate Present you want to receive or give this festive season? – I think with age you really do realize you don’t need anything materialistic, it’s the memories that’s long lasting. But a new car would be great to SANTA hahaha 

2019 year in review, what was the most special moment of the year for you when you look back at it? – I think my most special moments of the year is looking back and seeing that I’m pretty sure in saying and everyone would agree that it was long and hard difficult at times, 

“and seeing the lady that I have become after all the bricks and hard times people tried to throw at me. It actually makes me excited to see what’s in store for me and my future for 2020.”