That time of season , sun , surf and summer vibes along the beaches of Cape Town South Africa as we introduce to you all our newest feature for today aka Courtney Charles alongside South African Photographer – JP Photography bringing us some South African Summer Beauty Swimwear Editorial for January 2020


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Photography By JP Photography on instagram at @glamour_lifestyle_photographer and on webstie


Do you feel that Summer Breeze kick’n in as summer season is here to stay all month long… Cape Town South Africa is surly the place to be for some SWIMWEAR SUMMER BEAUTY… for today’s Swimwear Editorial we bring you Homegrown summer sensation with the beautiful Courtney Charles and JP Photography.

One of the reasons why Courtney loves modeling and being in front of the camera lens is and we quote, “she loves getting dolled-up and doing her hair and make-up and modeling is the perfect excuse! for it” , as it’s therapeutic to her that makes her switch off from the rush of reality, 

So today we focus on what Courtney and Photographer JP has brought to the table to showcase in our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JANUARY 2020 edition, as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s them both. 

– “Beach Front Beauty , Swimwear Editorial”

Welcome Courtney Charles and JP Photography to the MOLLMAGSA family give us the feeling that you felt when your one of our chosen featuring models for our JANUARY 2020 edition? 

Courtney – Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of the MOLLMAGSA family. I had so many mixed feelings but I was definitely super excited. It was an amazing kick-start to my new year and definitely a total treat seeing as January is my birthday month! 

JP Photography – So glad to be back with another amazing feature to kick start the brand-new year of 2020 alongside and amazing model Courtney Charles which also is a phenomenal person in general, so happy we did the photo shoot together she’s a gem to work with…  

“And to top it all off this is not the only feature I have submitted to feature in this month’s MOLLMAGSA January 2020 edition, as I’ve got another feature also in the wings for January month for you all, so just wait and see…”

Being pretty new aka a new face to the modeling scene and industry Courtney, what is it that tempted you to do this as a hobby or profession? 

I’ve done a few photo-shoots before and they became somewhat therapeutic for me. I would go into this zone that would allow me to completely switch off from reality for a little bit and it led to networking to do more shoots and having it become a hobby.  

“I also love getting dolled-up and doing my hair and make-up and modeling is the perfect excuse!”

Other than modeling, where would we find you and what will you be doing when you’re not modeling Courtney? 

I work a pretty regular day job in the Finance Industry. However, when I’m not at work I’m definitely hanging out at home or out trying new places to eat and be social.

What would you say is the topic most people are talking right now about in SOUTH AFRICA, that is truly concerned in every aspect of life and in every household in SOUTH AFRICA at the moment? 

There are so many heated topics in our country at the moment, is aka ESKOM (South Africa’s Power utility) which puts load shedding stages in effect and its hurting our country’s economy and business sectors plus our living conditions at home in every SOUTH AFRICAN household across the country deeply, 

 it is also one of the reasons of SOUTH AFRICA’S ECONOMICAL DOWN FALL at the moment as well, plus the other is our education system to name two. 

Focusing on education, I personally feel that the education system and the talk of lowering pass rates should be a great concern for all South Africans. 

If we want to progress as a country, we cannot spoon-feed and just push our young people through life. We have to challenge them, all while encouraging and supporting them and a good education will serve as a good starting point and lead to a solid foundation for the rest of someone’s life. 

Being South African what does that mean to you personally? 

Wow, South Africans are wonderfully unique. From our people to our cultures to our food. It’s such a great feeling to be a part of a Nation that can unite, and of course a nation with a good sense of humor 

“South Africans always see the light in a situation and that really makes me happy.”


Proudest moment in your life so far, please share? 

Definitely passing my BTech in Taxation in December 2019 with an average of 82%. Four years of absolute blood, sweat and (mostly) tears is finally starting to pay off! 

What was the moment of this photo shoot alongside JP Photography that stood out the most for you, please share? 

The biggest moment for me was how JP used the approach of giving me guidance instead of instructions. It’s not often you find a photographer who makes you feel 100% relaxed and comfortable when you’ve never met each other before, 

 and myself being new to the modeling industry.  He really sets the tone for any shoots I’ll hopefully be doing in the future. 

Give us a quick 3 sentence intro in who “Courtney Charles” and what makes you so unique in whom you are? 

I’m a sensitive human with quite a feisty attitude and a smart mouth. I love being social but my downtime is also so important to me.

“I’m unpredictable – you just never know what you’re going to get!”





  •  I would love to travel more with all the people closest to my heart. No excuses. 
  •  I’d love to learn a new skill. I have more time on my hands now that I’ve completed my studies. 
  • I would also love to become more involved in the community this year, giving back not only my time but assisting in aiding the needs of others. 

FAVORITE NETFLIX OR TV SERIES TO WATCH? –  aka Shameless, I totally love that show!!!

FAVORITE FOOD DISH OR MIDNIGHT SNACK YOU LOVE AND WHY? – I love food and eating in general but if I had to choose, you can’t go wrong with McDonald’s. Salty fries just hit different when it’s late at night!!

FAVORITE MUSIC CHART TOPPER SONG YOU LOVE TO JAM OUT TO? – Meduza, Becky Hill & Goodboys – Lose Control. (This song will have you doing exactly that!)