Weekends, sun and beautiful beaches are made for to explore, as for today’s Swimwear Editorial we introduce to you all the beautiful Jessica Simpson alongside Mike Brooke Photography all the way from the shores of AUSTRALIA, for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JANUARY 2020 feature…


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Photography by Mike Brooke from Mike Brooke Photography


We travel far and wide today… Gold Coast , AUSTRALIA to be exact, to bring you all a model and lady that truly has the essence of beauty that shines through in her personality for all to see as her bright PERSONALITY is that X FACTOR that makes her shine in front of the camera lens, and she’s not just all that…

but she is also a Fitness / Nutrition Enthusiast plus a Personal trainer in the works as well, because fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is true to whom Jessica is as that’s her true passion and career of choice,

and today’s Swimwear Editorial  for our JANUARY 2020 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA feature with Jessica Simpson and Mike Brooke Photography we find out more, as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s them both today…

Welcome Mike Brooke and model Jessica Simpson, congrats on being featured in our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA – JANUARY 2020 edition, our first edition for the new year what’s both your emotions and feelings right now? 

Model Jessica – Very grateful that I’ve been chosen for the January 2020 edition, my very first feature ever, what an exciting way to kick start 2020.

Mike Brooke Photographer – I am very excited and honored to be featured in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. This is a great opportunity.

Mike give us a sneak peek on today’s location for this photo shoot and why did you choose this specific spot? 

“I chose this spot because it represents the Gold Coast, Australia in such a beautiful way.Walking through the Australian bush to our pristine wide-open beaches.” 

From a photographer’s view point Mike, what makes Model Jessica Simpson, so a unique look and model to work with? 

Not only is Jessica a beautiful woman and model’s so effortlessly,

“but she also has a very bright personality and that definitely shows through when she models, and that is what makes Jessica a unique model.”

Jessica what stood out for you the most working with Mike Brooke Photography on this shoot today? 

What stood out the most for me is how Mike was so fluent and fast in instructing me with my posing, considering this was my first bikini shoot, it really helped with my confidence and I was able to be more comfortable with myself and my body in front of the camera. 

We all know and hear plus see the horrific challenges and turmoil AUSTRALIA as a country is going through with these BUSH FIRES that’s blazing all over the continent, as well as the ongoing battle of CLIMATE CHANGE, we would like to know what would be your effort of impact to save what’s left? 

Mike – Me personally, I’d like to live in a more sustainable home, that had less impact on our environment, as well as learning to build with new products that help reduce our carbon footprint.  

And for our effected bush fire regions, as a nation we need to plan more holidays to these small towns, buy goods/services from locals so we are giving back to these communities, and help them rebuild, not only their lives but their businesses as well. 

Jessica – It’s so upsetting and surreal to see the devastation from the bush fires, and the impacts it has had across the world, seeing the bush fires happen in my home town and surrounds of NSW and friends having to evacuate their own homes with their children its heart breaking.  

A few ways I will continue to help with climate change are remembering to unplug devices, drive less, line dry your clothes and eat local and organic, just a few things that anyone can do that can make the biggest difference. 


What would be on the gag reel of your life, THAT ULTAMITE OMG moment you went through with your close friends? – The ultimate omg moment would have to be…finding out I was 3months pregnant with my daughter who’s now 3.  

What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10 and why? – I don’t actually have a favorite celebrity, if you keep it real and raw with your viewers and fans it’s a YES from me,  

it’s an important factor to see because no one is perfect even with a high status. The best quality that would make a celebrity a perfect 10 for me would be honesty on and offline. 

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask and to whom will it be? – I would ask myself – ‘’Where will my life be in one, five or ten years if I continue doing what I am doing today? ‘’ 

Favorite food dish or midnight snack you indulge in? – Most favorite food dish would have to be Pasta; I don’t eat it often but when I do, I enjoy it the most. 

What’s your most beautiful asset or characteristic of you as a model and person Jessica? – My personality would have to be my greatest asset. 

Your hobbies other than modeling? – Fitness/Nutrition guess you could say it’s a lifestyle and also my career I enjoy anything fitness related or food related staying happy, fit and healthy is very important to me. 

Inspiring quote you live life by? – “Don’t take life too seriously, enjoy being in the moment.”