We are all about fashion today as we take a peak on the Photographer eye on Fashion Editorials today with Keston Duke Photography and the stylish Angelica Guillen Jimenez for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA January 2020 feature…


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All about fashion and style today a model / actress / style influence to many and a woman that’s a true fashion blogger and business woman in her own right and many more… as we introduce today’s model that has true style and fashion ambiance,

along with a huge passion for traveling and leisure as well as fashion and then loves to live it and write all about it… a true “Globe Trotter” aka Angelica Guillen Jimenez, she’s our PRIME TIME Spotlight for today alongside the talented Keston Duke from Keston Duke Photography, for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JANUARY 2020 feature

They both bring that Fashion and Stylish looks to the table today to showcase as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more… – “Fashion Forward Ambiance Fashion Editorial”


Welcome Keston Duke Photography congrats on today’s fashion editorial with us at MOLLMAGSA for our JANUARY 2019 edition, what’s the feeling and emotion you’re going through right now please share? 

Well thank you so much…What I like about shooting with Angelica is that she prepares for the shoot. She comes in with the outfits the color scheme the theme all of that is already to go.  

“In fact, she sends it out to me prior to arrival of course. I actually wish more models that I collaborate with would be that thorough in preparation as well.”

Give us a little bit of your background as a photographer in the business, which genres do you mostly focus on when you do your photo-shoots for clients / models, Keston? 

Well I’ve been in business for over 20 years doing this full time. What I focused on over the years have changed as the industry has changed. I think I started out photographing a lot of runway stuff. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s I did a lot of work in the hair care industry. 

I would say that now my focus is varied because the weather has changed a whole lot. I do quite a bit of head shots photography and also, I would say still some beauty and fashion. 

 “When I do my photo-shoots, I focus on clarity and detail.”

Every photographer tells a story behind the photos he or she has taken over the years…, so we want to know what’s your story behind the photos…what is the message you want to portray to the world through your photography? 

I think for me the truth is probably the thing that I want in my images. I don’t believe in lying with my images. “I want to show you the truth so that would be for me truth in the image that I produce.” 

Give us your top 5 moments / achievements as a photographer you’re most proud of, please share? 

  • Photographing Chris Brown. being asked to photograph him at a private event because their photographer did not show up was very interesting for me and totally unplanned. 
  • Photographing Dizzy Gillespie back in the day. 
  • Photographing Stevie Wonder. 
  • Getting the cover of new beauty magazine that came out some years ago.  
  • Getting an email from the South African magazine requesting images for their publication. 
  • Haven’t shot images for a hair product company and having my work on a variety of their product line. 

What would be your ultimate dream photo-shoot as a photographer Keston? 

Do you know I’ve never actually thought about that? I have done a variety of things over the years that none of my associates have done. So, I don’t really have an ultimate dream shoot in mine. The closest for that would be traveling the world and doing shoots and exotic locations which obviously right now I already do some of that. 

Your inspiration as a photographer through your career, who is it and why? 

I honestly don’t have an actual inspiration During my career. Quite a variety of people have come across my timeline that I’ve looked at their work and was inspired by but no one person fits that bill.

Other hobbies when you’re not behind the lens please share? 

I was a serious roller skater a while back. I’m into horticulture/plants. Conservation is also another thing that I like. Not sure if that classifies as a hobby. My most current hobby at this time is traveling. 

Give us 3 goals you strive for in the new year of 2020 photography wise and personal life? 

  • Definitely increase my business reach and size. 
  • Creating new streams and making them profitable. Doing more international shoots. And booking bigger gigs locally. I will wanting to have an Amazon store and affiliates page. 
  • I would like to exercise more and eat better and get more sleep. Also spend more time in the kitchen. 

Where and how can people reach out to book a photo shoot or do collaboration work with you Keston, list below please? 

You just have to GOOGLE SEARCH me then my name will pop up everywhere… as easy as that just a web search and one click away. 


  • HeritageLatina
  • If not Modeling or Acting, then… Angelica is the Travel / Leisure Editor and content creator for i-fashionmag.com plus, she’s also an ambassador and owner of her very own ONLINE Travel and Leisure WEBSITE which is called www.stylehopping.com
  • Angelica loves to model, travel, blogging and writing about fashion, travel and lifestyle 
  • She was born and raised in the Dominican Republic