A model and lady blessed with the perfect looks and small town cutie charm… Ivy Ferguson is truly dedicated in pursuing her dreams and goals she sets herself in life and her glowing model career and more, as she’s our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JANUARY 2020 cover model feature for this month.


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Photography by Warren M Eckstein on instagram at @all_warren as well as on website


This Canadian blonde beauty at heart has a true passion for modeling, music, theater, acting,dancing and more… she loves to be one with nature and has a big heart in being the voice in saving wildlife animals and the beauty of nature #MotherEarth our Planet is blessed with, in that said she’s a true Wildlife Animal Activist in protecting nature and Animal Wildlife,

Further more she firmly believes, “You have to work hard for your dreams, take good care of yourself and be confident! in yourself to achieve what you want to achieve This is just one of the reasons why Ivy is our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JANUARY 2020 COVER MODEL as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down to chat with her and International Photographer Warren M Eckstein.

– “The Irresistible Force of Beauty And Beyond”

Welcome Warren, once again congrats to you and Ivy for being our chosen cover feature for JANUARY 2020, how does it feel kicking off the new year in this style and fashion? 

I am, as always, absolutely blessed to receive another cover, and feature, and to be a part of the MOLLMAGSA, MOLLMAG USA AND MOLLMAG AUSTRALIA team.  It’s awesome.   

The extra honor of getting the January issue of 2020 FROM MOLLMAGSA, only makes this even better.  2019 was certainly a crazy up/down year for me, but to start 2020 like this, is special, and I can’t thank everyone enough for their continued support.  Here’s hoping for a LOT more options in the upcoming 12 months.

Stage is yours, tell us how did this photo shoot and project with model Ivy Ferguson came to light as an idea and then as a cover master piece in the end for this month, what’s the story behind it all Warren? 

I had been an admirer of Ivy for some time.  Knowing I was going to be in Vegas in September, I decided to contact Ivy to review with her options and see of her interest. Ivy was very interested and involved with the ideas I had in mind, and we confirmed our collaboration.   

It was, at times, a vigorous and sometime difficult shoot in remote locations, extra travelling, and during the heat of summer, but Ivy was a total professional about everything, dedicated and quite involved, and with both of us brainstorming, we came up with ideas that created some truly amazing shots.  I am very proud of this work.

These were stunning locations for me, as I hadn’t worked there previously but, with a great model, it came out beautifully, and I loved the challenge. It’s what I adore about perfect teamwork, and a great mindset, you get the type of images we have showcased here. 

Describe MODEL IVY FERGUSON in your own words from a photographer’s view point to us Warren, and what makes it a true joy to work with Ivy? 

Ivy was always professional from Day 1.  When I reached out to her, she was almost immediate in her response to me, and this followed through on every level.  Everything fully discussed in advance, so we had no surprises on our scheduled shooting day.  

When it came to the shoot itself, Ivy was on time, fully prepared, stocked with an amazing wardrobe, and always open and willing to try any idea I could throw at her.  Never heard a “no”, always a “yes” we can!!! She even threw ideas of her own that only helped us to expand ideas and achieve amazing work together.   

I felt confident when I messaged her that she would be the type of model I wanted to work with, someone who would bring joy to the photo-shoot and leave lasting beautiful images in our wake.  I defiantly think we achieved this.  

“I sincerely hope the fans of Ivy, and myself, as well as the fans of MOLLMAGSA will agree with what we have done.”

 I’m very proud of this work.  It’s a great start to 2020. 

Ivy how do you feel being our chosen cover model for the month of JANUARY 2020?

I’m truly blessed and so humble and thankful for this opportunity, its truly a great way to start the new year with another amazing cover feature thank you to everyone.

Inspirational Quote you live life by… plus which role models or people you look up to for inspiration? 

“POSITIVITY IS KEY!… You have to work hard for your dreams, take good care of yourself and be confident!”  


Other publication together with MOLLMAGSA JANUARY 2020 covermodel, please list? 

Well as you all know I’ve been featured numerous times in Playboy all over the world… 15x in 8 different countries for PLAYBOY internationally as well as an FHM Model…

  • Playboy Playmate and featured in PLAYBOY (2x Mexico, Czech Republic, Croatia, Sweden, 2x Slovakia, Espana/Spain, Venezuela, Bulgaria,  The Valentine Special Edition Feature in Playboy Plus and many more)
  • Also, FHM Philippines, Modelzveiw, Models Mania 3x , Vixen of the Month for Southern Vixens and many more…
  • As well as a Brand Ambassador for DOLLS KILL Clothing Brand, AmiClubwear.com and Cute Booty Lounge. 

Your Heritage you are most proud of Ivy? 

As I am born and raised in Canada and reside now in USA…I am a mix heritage of Swedish, Irish and Ukrainian. 

What are the simple pleasures of life you enjoy when you’re not busy with a hectic modeling schedule? 

I’m a lady that loves the outdoors going camping with close friends and family or just be out in the clean clear fresh air of nature… I love the beauty of nature; I am also a huge animal activist as well for protecting Animal Wildlife.

“It is truly important for me to save nature and be the voice for all animals and wildlife” 

Then I also have a big passion for music, dance, singing and actingI studied and trained Music, Theater professionally for over 10 years… I also featured in a Music Video alongside one of my favorite music bands aka “The BulletBoys”  

then I also appeared and starred in a horror movie which I played the role of a killer alien from planet Venus and I also played the female role in a movie called “ROLLOVER”    


 EYE COLOR – Green 


HEIGHT – 5’7” 

WAIST – 23″ 

HIPS – 33″ 

HAIR COLOR – Blonde 

FAVORITE BODY PART – My belly button 

FAVORITE FOODS – I am a Vegetarian and I also love Mexican food 

NATIONALITY – I grew up in British Columbia Canada

WHY DO YOU LOVE MODELING SO MUCH? – “I think the female body is beautiful and being in front of the camera is natural to me. I love having photos taken, it makes me feel sexy and powerful.”