All things Lingerie All things with a touch of Sassy satisfaction styles and vibes as we take in the sights sounds and beauty of Miami USA, alongside newest mollbabe model  feature Shelley Lynne and Photographer Eric Gemini for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JANUARY 2020 feature today,


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Photography by Eric Gemini at @ericgeminiphoto on instagram


This Sassy stunner AKA Shelley Lynne is all about… mature beauty, the glam life and much more… Shelley is also not just a model but also a proud mom strutting her best looks and beauty at this day and age, she’s also a fur baby mama meaning she truly adores and loves her pets and animals she takes care of at home…

As they say home is where the heart is Shelley is all the way from Calgary, Alberta CANADA , but she also loves to travel a lot and jumps at any opportunity when it comes to doing photo shoots at exotic and amazing locations…

As today’s Lingerie Editorial feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA January 2020, with Shelley Lynne takes place in the sights sounds and vibes of beautiful Miami USA alongside Photographer Eric Gemini , as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more…

– ” Sassy Miami Vibes Satisfaction”

Congrats and welcome Shelley to the MOLLMAGSA family and your Lingerie Editorial feature, how does it feel to be part of our JANUARY 2020 edition? 

Truly fabulous I am so thankful for this feature and opportunity.

Being a proud mom like yourself, where and when do you find the space and time to also do modeling, explain your busy schedule in a typical day of MODEL / MOM aka Shelley Lynne? 

I have a fabulous supportive family by my side. I model every chance I can with their support. 

What type of modeling genre do you prefer to model and why? 

“I do mostly glamour modeling. It fits me and my personality.” 

For the love of #FurBabies aka animals / pets, please introduce us to your lovable pets you have today? 

“Awwwww my fur baby is Nicholas (Nicky) He is just turning 2 years old and he is a miniature schnauzer. Smart, fun, cuddly, keeps me on my toes.” 

Describe yourself in 3 words Shelley? 

…Feisty, Fabulous, and Flirty 

If not modeling, which other occupation would you be doing? 

“When I am not modeling, I do have another career! I am a registered nurse in an ICU. I have been an RN for 28 years.” 

2020 is here what would be the first thing on your to do list bucket list to start off the New Year in emphatic style? 

Keep on doing photo shoots, keep laughing, and getting published is always a great honor.  Thank you to the whole team and everyone involved at MOLLMAGSA  

Favorite Movie or TV SHOW / NETFLIX SERIES to watch? Crime shows AKA CRIME TV SHOWS like…. CSI, Criminal Minds, Evil and FBI.

Favorite Music track to jam out too at the moment on the charts?Right now, I am totally into BEASTO BLANCO and Halestorm.  Have seen both live a couple of times and have met them all.

Most valuable life lesson you’ve learned or can tech someone else in life?Most valuable life lesson I have learned is to take nothing for granted. “Be thankful for every moment. Take the time to listen. And always smile”