Grab that summer fever we all have this season tight and hold on for a SUMMER SEASON SNAPSHOT and lets enjoy the SUMMER SWIMWEAR tantalizing editorial with newest feature for MOLLMAGSA JANUARY 2020 with Tina Marie and Photographer James Barry from GlamourOneToronto photography.


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Photography by James Barry at @glamouronetoronto on instagram also on facebook


Tantalizing Swimwear and a model that makes the poses in it look so easy and sublime to. Tina Marie our newest feature for MOLLMAGSA JANUARY 2020 edition, is a small town girl / lady with a big heart , just wanting to do her best that she can in the modeling industry,

from her days at PBMS ( PLAYBOY MISS SOCIAL contests to PLAYBOY Magazine features and Swimwear events around the world Tina has been part of that mix for a very long time, and today she finds herself going full circle and completing a ” Life Long Dream” she had for a very long time , aka being a MOLLBABE MODEL and being featuring in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA…

In her own words as we quote Tina saying – “Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and say wowza. lol Love Life!!!” work hard at your dreams and you never know just one day it will come true in the end. Let’s find out more… as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Tina Marie Today,

Welcome Tina Marie how does it feel to be finally a mollbabe model and feature today with us at MOLLMAGSA for January 2020? 

Thank you, it feels awesome, it’s not only a great start to 2020, but a huge dream come true and accomplishment. 

Give us a short intro in who you are Tina and where and how the modeling passion for you all start to where you are today? 

Well I am actually a huge “Tomboy” I was the girl that played in the dirt, rode bikes, had a paper route, you know the boy things, never wore a dress, shorts for a bathing suit. As I grew up it really wasn’t till, I was in my 20’s I had an interest in any beauty concept for me. I was supporting a local kid non-profit group and decided to run for a state title.  

Believe it or not I won and went on to compete in the national title. I didn’t win that, but I did win best in swimsuit and miss congeniality. Shortly after I won and one of my friends ask me if I had heard of Playboy Miss Social. She had entered the contest before, but didn’t win. I looked into it and decided why not. So, I entered. I won 1 runner up my 1st time, and won the very next month, 

 I was flown to California and well things all hit from there. I and two other girls where some of the 1st ones posted on the app from there I have been published with several PLAYBOY MAGAZINES WORLDWIDE via social media apps, websites, instagram,facebook,twitter and magazines. I have worked my way through the industry with the help of IBMS. 

I also have been an ambassador with them for several years and enjoy their events very much. Several of my publications have been taken at an IBMS event.” 

What is it about Swimwear modeling that intrigues you so much, and what’s your favorite swimwear outfit you own share with us? 

With swimwear there is a different look at modeling. Swimwear is fun, playful, teasing, or serious. Because if the way swimwear is designed it can be designed to show a lot or a little, but it can also be revealing of full cover.  The possibilities are truly endless with swimwear and how you can be photographed in it.

“My favorite piece has yet to be photographed, but it is simple yet very flirty.” 

Maybe one day it will be photographed. 

Its Summer SEASON in SOUTH AFRICA aka #BikiniWeather what would you say is your TOP 4 things to take with you on a day at the beach? 

I’d have to say…  

  • flip flops,  
  • sunglasses,  
  • a beach towel, 
  • and a bikini 

Tina as a woman and model, what would you say is increasingly becoming socially acceptable in today’s lifestyle and modeling industry? 

That is truly a difficult question, you see there are so many different styles of models and so many models that are willing to pay for publications and features that it has changed the industry. There are also models that have their own websites that they make their money from and that modeling is somehow linking to a different industry.  

While I have no issues with it, I just don’t see modeling as just simply modeling,

“If you want to be a model in today’s world, you really have to ask yourself… what kind of model do you want to be, what are your boundaries, what can you live with, and how will it affect you in the long run.”  

With all that people see it seems to becoming a stereotyped industry. I for one am a mother and made it very clear when I started that I would not do nude publications, and I am very glad as my kids are in junior high and high school and they are approached with pictures of their mom, I cannot imagine if they were approached with a nude one how that would make them feel. 


What silly or funny thing makes you afraid or creeps you out? – Well I’m not sure, I’m not really afraid of much. I know I won’t go very far into the ocean. I hate the thought of being somewhere something can eat me. I’m sorry count this girl out. If its big enough to swallow me up they can keep their territory. Lol and as for creeping me out well that’s mostly people. There are a lot of odd individuals out there, but yet each to their own. 

What’s your choice of a relaxing day at home aka #MeTime give us the inside scoop on how you will spend that day? – I love my porch. That is my relaxing place. I can sit out there for hours. I have my old recliner, my radio, and normally a kid of two. “It’s my go to place to just watch the world slip away.” 

If you could star on a well-known popular REALITY TV SERIES which TV SERIES would that be and why? – Probably the TV REALITY SHOW Naked and Afraid. I’m sure that is the answer a lot of people give, but I’m a county girl and it just seems appealing. Although I question a lot of the people on there and the reason they really go on the show, but others are awesome and I think it takes a truly unique individual to pull it off. 

“I do like the follow up they made where the couples have to do it. That may be just a bit more interesting, only because it also challenges their relationship too.” 

Share with us your hidden talent you have? – I don’t know if I would call anything, I have a talent, it’s more just interests. I am a construction worker/owner. I love it and I always get asked how I do it with my nails. We build and create Custom homes and furniture. We build pieces that are one of a kind and designed for the customer. It is a true passion and its very popular.  

“To see a piece of wood, go from just a piece of wood to over a thousand-dollar piece in someone’s home is exciting. I also used to teach dance and absolutely love it. It’s a true passion that I hope to pass on to my kiddos.” 

What would be your New Year prospects for the year 2020 share with us? – That’s a great question, as I am actually considering leaving the modeling industry. I see where it is going and not sure it will be for me over the next couple years; however, I hate odd numbers so with this feature maybe 2020 will be a year to go out with a bang. 

Publications you featured in along with today’s feature in MOLLMAGSA? – Playboy Mexico, Playboy Slovakia, Vizual Magazine, Universe Studios 137 Bikini Plus and Lingerie Plus Magazine, and many more…